Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Week

Well, things are looking up this week. A few things have gotten done in the heat wave. I know most of the country is suffering, but we are pretty used to 100 degrees in the summer in Texas. Hubby had a birthday and I wanted to show you one of his gifts. I ordered this from this Etsy shop. Hubby was in the Navy during the Evacuation of Saigon and this was his ship. 
 Here's a closer look. The artist even put the insignia of the Blue Ridge in the lower corner. I love how he had the ocean melting into the map of the Japan. This ship is still going today. Anyway, he really liked it and it is hanging in the office.
 New garage door-done.
 New matchstick blinds- hung. I had to shorten all of them and we had to cut the width down on one. They came out great. Still can't get into my craftroom though, and I really miss it.
 I put some little daisies in my vases. I really like the look.

 I have decided I love daylillies. They are doing great in our hot temps.
Mostly just staying inside in the cool. This will last through mid September for us. Hopefully the heat won't last that long wherever you are. Have a great week and stay cool!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Real Life

Hi everyone. No terrible news here. I was just trying to think of something to blog about, and not much has been happening here. Lots of things falling apart at the same time. You know that rule of threes? My pleated soft shade broke in the bedroom. This is our beautiful new custom window treatment. lol. I have to give a shout out to Levolor Blinds. Turns out it was under 10 year warranty and they are shipping us a new one for free. Excellent customer service! Waiting for delivery.
 No cute craft projects. Sons boxes are stacked in the craftroom for the summer. I don't love the boxes, but do love having son home for a little while.
 Got half an order of matchstick blinds for the breakfast nook. I had to argue with Home Depot and UPS that they only delivered 2 out of 4 boxes. We'll see how that one plays out. Still waiting.
 My 2 leather chairs are falling apart and have ordered new chairs and am still waiting on those.
 Our garage door had a run in with the tailgate of my open van. The tailgate won. I won't go into my garage door saga-just know it was so frustrating it's almost funny. Still waiting on that.
This isn't a feel sorry for me post-just being real here. So I'm in a state of waiting for things to get delivered or fixed. Can't wait to get back on track!
On a pretty note-roses from Hubby. I had eye surgery over the past 2 weeks-nothing major, but getting used to new lenses and new reading glasses etc.
 My sweet potato vine is going crazy by the front door.
It's hotter then heck here in Dallas. It's been a rough week here and around the country. I hope people start coming together soon. 
I thought I'd leave you with a  video that I took in Seattle. Snoqualmie Falls looks so cooling and inviting. Sorry-I still haven't figured out how to turn the video. If anyone knows-please let me in on the secret.
Hope your week goes well.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Happy Fourth!

I added a few simple patriotic touches this year. This 48 star flag was an antique store find. I thought it looked good behind the red boots.
 Planted a few flags here.

 And just a single flag in the kitchen hutch.
 Here's a rerun of a vignette from the old house.
 Our front door at the old house decked out.
Last, I could not get this video turned so you'll have to turn your head. Next time I'll try to do a better job. Here's Bowie at the obstacle course at the  Dog Park. 
It's been so hot here, I thought I'd do some painting in the office and doing some organizing in there. I'm taking a little blog break and will be back around the second week in July. Have a Happy, Happy Fourth!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Ordinary Days

 Not a whole lot going on at Brookhollow Lane this week. I found this cool gate when we were in Waxahachie awhile back. I had been looking for one. This one has a tag from the county where I live, so it had to come home with me.
 Not sure what I'll put in front of it yet, but I like it leaning on the fence.
 The crepe myrtles are blooming. This one is the prettiest shade of purple.

 This one is a lilac color. The hot pinks in my yard haven't gotten into full bloom yet.
 Here's a little collage of some of the flowers and trees in Seattle.
It's hard to act normal and cheerful, when such bad stuff is happening in the world. I'm thinking about you, Orlando. Something has got to change!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

My First Trip to Seattle

We went on a trip to Seattle to visit oldest son.. I had never been there. What a great city!
 Got to see Pike Place Market. Hustle and bustle.Food, flowers, fish and anything you can think of.

 A wall of hot sauce on one of the shops. So colorful.
 Beautiful flowers all over the city. This was a huge wall of rock with succulents and trailing flowers stuck in the cracks. It was beautiful.
 Snoqualmie Falls out of the city. Breathtaking.
 A massive tree. The trees were gorgeous. I can see why they call it Emerald City.

 We ate and ate and went to breweries, saw many wonderful sites, beautiful greenery,saw beautiful views and wonderful neighborhoods of the city and did I say we ate. The best part was getting to see son in his new city. I loved it and can't wait to go back.
I'll leave you with a pic of my morning glories in bloom. They've reached the top of the trellis already. There are white, pink and purple all mixed in one plant. It is summer here and getting hotter each day. Hope you are having a great week.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More Red and Blue

Here's the family room with touches of red and a dash of blue.
 Another vintage quilt square pillow. The white fringe was reused from an old tablecloth.

Used my cottage bunting on the fireplace.
 Found these tiny cowboy boots at a garage sale years ago.I love how worn the toes are. The little milk bottle coasters are from Moda.
 I saw this idea at Carol's at Art and Sand. I already had the tool box tray and little glass vases so I just added some flowers to it. Sitting on an old red, white and blue quilt remnant.
 This pillow was made from an old feed sack.  I looked and looked until I finally found the one in the right colors. Best of all it had a rooster!
 Brought out my old red key.

 Here's the kitchen hutch all done up in red and blue. Almost everything you see in the hutch was gotten at the thrift store or garage sales. I can't tell you how much fun it is to go on the hunt.

 Here's view from kitchen nook into the family room. You can see how open it is. that's why I have to tie the colors in together.
 Some red handled flatware in my old toolbox.
 View into the kitchen. I haven't shown this in awhile. I don't do much in here-just the towels and Aunt Ruth's rooster on the fridge.
 Older son painted the Fresh Eggs sign years ago. Little slip covers brought out for the chairs.

It took awhile to take pictures. It has been raining and raining here on Dallas. And more to come this week. I hope you all are enjoying a start to your summer.