Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Heart You!

Here is my little entry way table. This antique jar I found at an antique mall awhile back. I love it for putting seasonal stuff in. My little vignette is all about hearts.
These felt conversation hearts were inspired by Elizabeth at Bluebird Papercrafts. If you haven't seen her blog go check it out. You are in for a real crafty treat!
The little plate and milkglass candy dish were found at Good Will a few months ago. I had to buy the vintage gloves. They are embroidered with a black running stitch and little pink flower design. Don't know how they did that. Thanks for all the Dollhouse Sweet Shoppe love. You guys are awesome. It was 75 here today-sorry all you guys that have below freezing weather. I felt like planting a gardenit was so beautiful, but it's supposed to change midweek to maybe freezing rain. We are hosting the Super Bowl here in the Dallas area-so hope you all are watching! Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dollhouse Sweet Shoppe

Come on in to The Sweet Shoppe.We are open for business.
Sit down and enjoy a homemade piece of cake or pie.
We also have cookies and donuts and cupcakes.
Candy and chocolates are in the hutch. There's twine and scissors to wrap up your goodies. See Little Max in his basket?
This is where we make our goodies. There's a n apple pie coming out of the oven. Little kitten is staying warm under the stove.
She didn't notice Miss Mouse is out for a stroll.
Put the dirty dishes in here. I'll wash them later.
My red and white enamelware coffee pot is always on the stove.
Making some gingerbread men at the table.
Hope you enjoyed the tour. Come back soon!
For those of you who haven't seen my doll house, I bought the shell at an antique mall and fixed it up. I added the door and windows and everything inside. It was a really fun project and could become addictive! I was inspired by Turkey Feathers Dollhouse Bakery. I'm linking up to It's a Very Cherry World for Rednesday. Please check out more fun Reds.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Red and PInk

I have really started liking red and pink together. In honor of upcoming Valentines Day I thought I'd show you some red and pink around my house. Here is my little dollhouse Sweet Shoppe. I'll show more of the inside if you haven't see it later this week.My inspiration board, that I got at GW and painted. I've got my little apron tags from Cindy from Rick Rack and Ginghams tag swap.
Here it is before with nothing on it.
Stacked in my craft room.
I found this at a thrift store and filled with red and pink gumballs. Great when you are not feeling creative and need a little sugar boost. Better then eating an entire box of Oreos.
Vintage linen with beautiful red and pink cross stitch. I love the red crocheted border.
Last is this pretty hankie. I love the colors.
Come back later this week-I'll give you a tour of my little dollhouse. Am close to 100 followers so a giveaway is also in the works. Have a great Monday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Early Valentines

Valentines Day will be here soon!I know I'm a little early, but I love decorating for Valentines Day. I did things a little different this year. I've never decorated my mantle for VD. I found the red picture frame at the thrift store and did a chalkboard paint backing. Found the thrifted V.D. sign and glittered it. What a mess that was!
I decided to do a little cherry vignette. I don't know why, but cherries remind me of Valentines Day.
I've had the vintage hat in my craft room and the little figurine and put it together.
Here's my little collection of vintage valentines. I like to use scarves and hankies-this was a thrifted scarf. I pick up any with polka dots-doesn't matter what color. You never know when you might need one!
Here it is altogether. I found the cute heart garland from Michaels-probably could be made easily from ribbons. I'll share my entryway next time. It's really cold here and dreary. I'm gonna nest and do some embroidery and watch some football this weekend. How about you?
Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kitchen Chair Covers

Hi !I thought I'd share my red slipcovers for my "new" kitchen chairs. I bought the red and white checked and red and white striped fabric from Ikea. Did some red and white striped piping.

We are pretty much slobs here, so I knew the white covers wouldn't stay white. These covers are washable and than if I want, I can take them off to reveal the white seat. Now I won't worry if someone spills or drops something.
I'm getting my ,mantle decorated for Valentines and will take pic's as soon as the sun comes out-don't know when that will be-it's so dreary outside. Thanks for all the great comments on the Valentines pillows. You should try one. They are fun to make. Have a great day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finished Pillows

You are probably sick of seeing these this week, but I thought I'd pop in quickly today and show you my finished pillows. I found this cute ruffle trim at Hobby Lobby yesterday
I used mini pompom trim that I had for the inset.

Here they are getting ready for Valentines Day on my couch. I'll be away for the weekend, so I hope you all have a great one.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentine Pillows

Valentine How-to-

. Here is a simple version of how to transfer a valentine onto an embroidery picture. You may use this vintage valentine or any image that has simple lines to it. I scan my image and enlarge it to about 5" across, or how ever big you want your image to be.I usually go over the main lines with a thin marker, so when you trace the design it will show through. I don't transfer every line in the valentine. Just the outside and a few details.
I use a light box, and a fabric marker. You can also tape your fabric up to a sunny window. I use white cotton light weight fabric. Take your time drawing, and hold or tape the fabric and paper down.
I use a straight stitch, because I can get alot of detail. Don't be afraid to omit or add details. It's your own creation. I added color to the girl on the left. I use crayons and color lightly, and iron over it to set it. I do this before embroidering. I haven't finished these yet. I need to get some trim, and then I'll sew on a back square and have my little Valentines pillows.
I love doing this kind of project, because it's portable and once you've drawn on your design, you can just take your time. I added some matching fabric strips and trims. I'll show you my finished pillows later. Give it a try with the valentine above, or try one of your own. Have fun, and if you make one, I'd love to see it. I'm joining It's A Very Cherry World for Rednesday. Go over to see some more fun reds!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentines in the works

I've been pulling out my Valentines stuff and thought I'd jump in today. I'm on jury duty and have to be back in court after lunch. I made these last year and never sewed them into pillows.
I'll do a little how -to this week. Hopefully I'll finish them before Valentines Day this year.
This is what I drove through this morning-not much to you northerners, but for Texas-it's pretty exciting.
I'll be back later to show you what I've come up with. Hopefully not too much later in the week-I hope it's not a long trial. Anyway, have a good Monday!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

This and That

I've been doing a little of this and a little of that. I found this cute vintage card at an Antique store yesterday and had to share. It's so springy-and that's what I'm looking forward to. Below a couple of thrifted finds. I'm going to glitter this kind of beat up sign and use it in my Valentines display.
I couldn't pass this adorable little doll chair at GW and I always pick up red and white tins. You can use them for so many things.
I'm in the middle of year end paperwork, making little chair slipcovers for newly painted kitchen chairs, and trying to get some crafting in too. I guess that's what January is all about. Taking stock and GETTING ORGANIZED! I really appreciate all of your comments . You guys had some great ideas on using the ME calendars. Now if I can just find the time....
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Time. Days and weeks and months. I put up my new Mary Englebreit calendar as I do every January by my little desk. I love the sayings she chooses and of course I love her artwork.I always take the old calendar down and add it to my pile in the closet. For awhile I thought I'd do a wallpaper border with all the pictures. I just cannot seem to get rid of them. They also remind me of things in the past. But I'm looking to the future now and counting the days and weeks. Son went off to college this morning and I won't see him until June. It's really hard and I'm missing him already. He goes to an out of state school and it's too costly to fly him home for short breaks. So I will keep busy-I've got my list and my projects and piano lessons to teach. And keep looking forward! And I will try to to "carry laughter with me where ever I go" .
What ever will I do with this pile of ME calendars? All ideas are welcome. I'm linking to ME Monday for the first time with Cherry Chick.Have a wonderful Monday!