Monday, October 31, 2016

A Dog Day Afternoon

Halloween at the Dog Park. Here's Bowie dressed up like a pumpkin.
 A cute costume. A few minutes later she was running around with her mask in her mouth.
 Someone else had Bowies costume on. Two pumpkin dogs!
 So much fun, but a very hot day here. Almost 90. Dear Autumn, Have you forgotten about us  in Texas? Sincerely, Dallas.
 I am working on a king size dust ruffle, bed skirt. It's tricky because there are yards and yards of fabric. I'll show it when I'm finished.
I've also been busy making these cute houses. I made these from the first little charm pack I've ever bought.It's called Bonnie and Camille by Moda.  I couldn't resist. The prints are so cute.

 I'll probably be listing these in my Etsy shop this week. Wouldn't they make cute ornaments or special gift tags?
Have a Happy Halloween!
p.s Go Cubbies (I grew up in a Chicago suburb, so I'm rooting for my home team!)

Monday, October 24, 2016

A Junkin' We Will Go

This past weekend we went on a little jaunt to Ft. Worth. There is a wonderful architectural salvage store there called Old Home Supply House. This is the best salvage store I've been to in a very long time. All pic's taken on Iphone,
 It is in the middle of a beautiful historic neighborhood called Fairmount. Cute historic homes all around. The store has 4 warehouses and takes up all 4 corners of a quiet intersection.
 It was originally a Piggly Wiggly Grocery store (the second one built in Ft. Worth.) Remember those?
 We spoke to the owner, and his Dad opened the storeover 25 years ago. He grew up in the neighborhood and told us about it.
 Across from the Piggly Wiggly was a pie shop. On the other corner (this houses the outdoor garden section of the store) was a farmers market.
 Mrs. Baird (of the famous bread store) lived on the street. He said the smells were wonderful when you rode your bike through.
 We went looking for doors. There were rows and rows of doors divided by the number of panels. They were marked by size on the edges. Lots of digging.
 All the buildings are historic. With tin ceilings and chandeliers and lights hung all around.
I am trying to decide weather to make a headboard for the new king size bed out of an old door. So many to choose from. Or whether to buy a metal headboard. Decisions , decisions. I'll keep you posted. If you live in the area, you should check out Old Home Supply House. Definitely worth the drive!

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Domino Effect

We finally made the decision to get a king size bed. That decision took over 2 years of sleeping on a super old and super sagging queen mattress. We had it delivered and I knew our old night stands wouldn't work in our small bedroom any more. When son moved he gave this little piece to me. It sat in the garage all these months. Time to start switching. My photo editing program was giving me problems, so these aren't the best photos, but I thought I'd show you how I re-do a piece of furniture.
 I wish you could have seen and felt this. It almost felt like someone had added sand to the paint on the old finish. It was rough like sandpaper.
 So off it came with some stripper. I was planning on repainting, so I just wanted to get the ugly finish off. Stripping and sanding to get through the old varnish.
 Ready to throw some paint on.
 I was wanting a rustic farmhouse look, so I left parts unfinished. I'm going to live with it for awhile and if I don't love it, I can always go back and paint. I added 2 Hobby Lobby knobs. This picture is not staged,(you can see Hubby's weights on the floor). I'll share more after we get some bedding, and a headboard. I absolutely love the bed and have been sleeping like a baby. The domino effect has begun, because now I have to see what will work on the other side of the bed. Does this happen to you?
What do you think of the raw wood with the white paint? If I decide to keep it, I'll put some wax over it, but wanted to leave it raw for now, in case I change my mind.
Off to deal with some plumbing issues and a plumber. Hope you are off to a great week!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall in Love With Texas Fall Tour

Welcome to Brookhollow Lane!
Fall in Love With Texas
Come on in!

 I love vintage and like to add something vintage or antique to every room. My colors are usually neutral, so I add in touches of orange for the fall season. I love being able to change out my colors for each season.
 I also love to craft, so you'll see some of my creations through the house.
 I would say my style is cottage, vintage with a little farmhouse thrown in.
 In the dining room, I have the table set for a fall dinner.
 Most of my vintage tableware was picked up at thrift stores.

 My little bar/wine cart has some orange accents. This is a vintage medical cart on casters.

 A dead end hallway where I made a vintage tea towel into a pillow.
Come on in to the family room.
 I have an angled fireplace, so I have angled the furniture to match.
I have kept the fall decor to a minimal look. Just touches here and there. Quilts and throws warm up the room for the cooler nights.
 Lovely pumpkin made by talented Celestina Marie at Southern Day Dreams.
 There is Bowie-he loves to photo bomb my pictures. I love this plaid throw with the brown and orange.
 A little wooden puzzle piece to add a dash of orange.
 I love using baby pumpkins to decorate! Pretty table runner(shawl) found at Good Will.
 A little wool leaf garland that I stitched up.

 You can see that the breakfast area opens right into the family room. I keep the color scheme going into the kitchen.
Ready for a cup of coffee?

 The kitchen hutch is decked out for fall with mostly thrifted stuff.
More on the kitchen hutch here.

I hope you have enjoyed my little tour. I sure enjoyed having you visit. Please go and check out these Texas bloggers and see how they have decorated their homes.Thank you Katie from Let's Add Sprinkles for putting this tour together.
Fall In Love With Texas Blog Tour Schedule





Happy Fall Y'all!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Blast From the Past

For your enjoyment, here's some fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween pictures from various years gone by.


As you can see, some years I decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving and some years I just do fall. I hope you come back on Thursday to see my fall tour along with some other wonderful Texas bloggers. Here's the schedule for the week. Please go check out some great ideas each day.

Fall In Love With Texas Blog Tour Schedule





 See you back here on Thursday!