Sunday, October 28, 2012

Making a Lettered Sign

 I thought I'd show you how to make a lettered sign.

 It's also the same method I used for The Raven book cover shown here. Here's what I started with. I think it's a panel from an old door. It's got that just right chippy texture.
I used photoshop and chose a font and printed out my word in the size I needed.

I used sewing tracing paper and placed the image on the board where I wanted it. I traced over the outline of the letters with a pencil to transfer the letters.

Next I used black sharpie, because I have better control  than with a paint brush, and outlined each letter.

Then color in the letters.
I lightly sanded to age the letters and it also hides any weird edges.

And there you have it. Ready to hang.
I 've added some new zipper bags to my Etsy Shop. These are made out of vintage sheets, except for  a few made of cute Riley Blake fabrics. This time I used yo-yo's. Love these!  I love all the mix of colors and the softness. 
Go check them out. They make great gifts.
The winner of the Fall Giveaway is LV from Thoughts From Meme's Corner.Congratulations LV!  I'll be sending  a package of fall goodies your way.Thank you for all your comments on my 200th post.  Thinking of everybody in the path of the hurricane. My son is visiting his best friend and he's in New York so I'm very nervous. Hopefully it won't be as bad as they are predicting. Batten down the hatches!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Reds and Fall Giveaway

I thought I'd share our bathroom tweak. We were on a very small budget-no major redos here. Below is the before. I had already taken off wallpaper border in this picture. It had the old Hollywood lights, tan paint and gold shower.
I painted it a very pale green. I covered the ugly shower with a fresh white shower curtain over the door.
Add new lights and framed out the mirrors.
I added pretty green glass knobs.A new cover on thrifted stool.
These hand mirrors were my Moms.The green one is what inspired the new color.
Here's the before showing the border over the tub area.

I added an old shelf with framed print from my Mom's childhood book.The stained glass window was designed by me and made for me by my Dad, years ago. I'm so happy to have it here. The afternoon sun shines right through the block glass and it's so pretty.

Not much money spent, but much better and brighter. I also like having a few reminders of my Mom and Dad to see each and every day.
We went to Ikea and they had their Christmas stuff out. Last year I saw some really cute ornaments and thought I'd go back later to get them. Well you know that story-all gone . 
. So today while buying the fabric I needed for my laundry room, I picked up the cutest little cable knit hearts. They had them in red, white, and green. I think I'll probably add some embroidery.
I couldn't pass up this cute yarn wreath. The little hanging hearts are adorable. This would probably be an easy project. But for the price of 9.99, I figured I couldn't make it for less then that.
And here's something for you. This is my 200th post. So to thank you all for inspiring me everyday I thought I'd have a little fall giveaway.
The Kitchen Linens Book has the cutest photos and ideas for vintage linens. Of course I had to include a few vintage linens. Also a woolie Fall wreath made by me and some little autumn extras. All you have to do is leave a comment. I'll draw a name on Sunday Oct.28. I'm joining Tweak it Tuesday and Rednesday. Go check out these fun parties for lots of inspiration. Hope your fall has been beautiful so far.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ordinary Days

Ordinary October Days.
Pretty weather, rainy weekends, watching football. Making chocolate pumpkin cake for son's birthday.
Finding a dollhouse that I didn't need at the thrift store. I have some ideas for a redo for this. I want to use it as a storage shelf in my craftroom. I just could not pass this up-total price $2.47.
Using fall color woolie squares to make some fall wreaths. I will put these in my shop this week. They feel so soft and warm. Since it's too warm to wear sweaters around here, I just cut them up and make things out of them.The leaves have barely started to turn here in Texas.  I'm definitely in the nesting mode. What are you up to on these October days? I hope you are enjoying the weather.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Fall!

It finally turned really cool here this weekend. I made vegetarian chili and cornbread for dinner last night. So cozy. One more finishing touch on the Halloween mantle. I probably got this idea from a blog, but you know how I said I wanted to find an old copy of The Raven? Well, I decided to make my own. I found an old book the size and color that I needed.I sanded off the old title, and the cover and corners to make it look really old.

I typed out in an Old English font the title and author. I used -get this -tracing paper to outline the edges. I colored the letters in with a silver sharpie. Super easy. Then lightly sand again to age it. I guess I'm too impatient to wait to find the real thing.

Here are the promised paper dolls. I've had so many computer issues, I thought you just copy them direct from here. I hope that works. Remember you can look here and here to get ideas on what to do with them You'll probably come up with your own ideas. Please share if you make something.. I'd love to see what you do.

Just print them out on cardstock and have fun. I hope you have a great day!

Monday, October 1, 2012


Since October is here and it's finally feeling like fall I thought I'd show you how I tweaked my mantle. It's alot of fun  doing something different. It all started with this picture I found at my Dad's house. I don't know if it's a relative, but I'm going to call her Lenore. Does that give you a clue?

I got the idea for The Raven from the bird and cage that I found thrifting awhile back. I started looking for stuff I thought I could use.

I had brass candle sticks and the white pumpkins from a Nightmare Before Christmas tablescape. Almost everything else was thrifted.

Except for the mice-I found them at Ikea last year and knew they would fit right in.I added tarnished silver, black roses, old music manuscripts.

I also bought the feather (Raven) boa at Hobby Lobby.

I used old dictionary pages and letter stamps to make the Nevermore banner.

Here are some pic's with the candles lit.

I used LED tea lights and wrapped them with vellum to magnify the flickering lights. Add a heavy dose of spider webs.
The oval frame was found at Good Will and the owl picture is from The Graphics Fairy.
 I had such  fun doing a twist on a Halloween mantle with The Raven. I'll be on the lookout for an old copy of the book now. I did it on the cheap, had fun being creative and my son loves it.I'm joining Brenda's Tweak it Tuesday party. Go check out more tweaks HERE.

Thanks for letting me have a little Halloween creepy fun. Have a great week!