Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Fall!

It finally turned really cool here this weekend. I made vegetarian chili and cornbread for dinner last night. So cozy. One more finishing touch on the Halloween mantle. I probably got this idea from a blog, but you know how I said I wanted to find an old copy of The Raven? Well, I decided to make my own. I found an old book the size and color that I needed.I sanded off the old title, and the cover and corners to make it look really old.

I typed out in an Old English font the title and author. I used -get this -tracing paper to outline the edges. I colored the letters in with a silver sharpie. Super easy. Then lightly sand again to age it. I guess I'm too impatient to wait to find the real thing.

Here are the promised paper dolls. I've had so many computer issues, I thought you just copy them direct from here. I hope that works. Remember you can look here and here to get ideas on what to do with them You'll probably come up with your own ideas. Please share if you make something.. I'd love to see what you do.

Just print them out on cardstock and have fun. I hope you have a great day!


  1. You are a genius. That raven book turned out fabulous. Darling paper dolls. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very clever idea on the book! You could create books for every holiday with the same process.

    I hope your (and my) computer issues are solved!

    Thanks for sharing the cute paper dolls. :@

  3. We had stew last evening. It is duppodrf to cool down here too. Just in time to take the granddaughters to visit the Butterflies at the Botanical Garden during their fall break.

    Thanks for the paperdolls. I'm going to attempt to print them.

  4. Great idea to use an old book, and trace the title! You mantle looks great!!


  5. Love The Raven book!! So creative!! Your decorations are so pretty! Happy Fall! xo Heather

  6. Hi Leslie,
    Just loved this post....Isn't it nice to finally have the cool nights that are so perfect for putting on a pot of soup. I made chicken vegetable with pearl barley soup a few days ago. It sure hits the spot on the cold nights.
    I hope you have a happy week, my friend,
    I love your darling little Caroline paper dolls. All my closest friends call me Caroline (not my legal name Carolynn).
    Thank you so much for sharing...You are a wonderful artist!

  7. your fall decorations look ever so festive. love your bunting, and your ode to 'the raven'. very clever!


  8. Love crows! That is really a nice touch!

  9. Love the Raven book you creative.
    It looks real.

  10. I had to go read your previous post so I could see your mantle, and OMG Leslie, I LOVE IT!!! It's just stunning, and I love how you created your own copy of The Raven. You're so creative!

  11. Your mantle is the bomb! I don't think you could find a better book than the one you made, it is so creative.

    I am loving the cooler weather here too! 42 degrees this morning!



  12. Hi Leslie, I have to tell you, in the newest Gooseberry Patch Christmas book, there is a Christmas feather tree covered in handmade paper doll outfits. I will share the photo soon. Yours would look so cute on a tree! Thanks for sharing the pattern. This book DOES look like the real thing!!!! Always so special to visit here. E

  13. Love your book idea!! Too smart you are!! :)