Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bathroom Mini Redo

Hi. It's time to share my bathroom mini redo. The reason this all started (and you all know about that old domino effect) was the bathtub needed to be professionally refinished. When we moved into our house the previous owner must have used some wrong cleaner that stripped off the shiny finish. So it looked bad-really bad. But before we did that I decided an electrician was in order. I wanted a new can light over the dreary tub (no windows) and the one bathroom light over the mirror split into 2. We've never hired an electrician before and I absolutely loved ours. Of course after electrical we need to patch and texture sheetrock holes in the ceiling and wall. Then a  new paint job. I would have loved to replace the counter on the vanity-but this was a Mini Redo!  So finally the refinish on the tub-it looks brand new. Here's the before. I would be too embarrassed to show that old tub. I took down the wall paper border and mirror,
The after.So hard to photograph  a small bathroom.New mirrors are from Ikea. New vanity light from Lowes.
Light blue paint on the walls. Remember-no window so I had to lighten it up.
A touch of vintage. Strombecker dollhouse furniture from Etsy. I made a little shadow box using vintage images and scrapbook paper.

Little box, painted with white chalkboard paint.This is our second bathroom-also for guests.
I had this in the old bathroom-
White spray paint and now you see the colors of the shells.Just hot glue them on.
Here's the bathtub side. New shower curtain-Target.

I found this old medicine cabinet at a garage sale.
Used AS chalk paint.
Added some scrapbook paper.  Love that old hardware and knob. Even the glass shelf was there.
Copied a picture from an old book. The towel hooks are from Home Depot-I screwed them onto an old piece of headboard.
There it is. Probably one of my longest posts. Thanks for sticking it out.The goal was to lighten and brighten the bathroom.It feels bigger and more modern.
 It's starting to get really hot here. But that's usual for us in Texas!  Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm back!

It's been so long, I almost forgot how to upload my pictures. Thank you for all your concern. Nothing bad happening-we've just been busy. I have to show you a before and after.
Bowie got his first haircut. He also started doggie day camp. He made 2 new friends-Chloe the chihuahua (about 2  pounds) and Leia the chihuahua mix. Much better after!
I found this suitcase to make into a bed.
It was in great shape on the inside.
I just sewed a flannel pillowcase and added the little banner with his name.I also added metal brackets and screwed them in, so it won't accidentally close on him. He really loves sleeping on this when he's in the family room.
I found these at Michaels and painted them up and just glued them on . Super easy!
We had a good peach crop on our tree this year. I made some peach crumbles.

I have alot to share with you guys. We've had plumbing issues-1 a week for 3 weeks. Got that taken care of.  We also did a mini bathroom redo which I'll share next time. I haven't been crafting at all, but have been working on reorganizing my craft room. And on top of that Bowie had ringworm, which means lots of extra laundry, vet visits and doggie baths, He;s finally over it-Yeah! I can't believe the summer is halfway over. We've got a closet redo in the planning stages-so lots happening here. I have been lurking at your blogs and I'm happy to get back in the swing of things! Bring it on!