Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Christmas!

We're almost ready. We took Bowie for his first trip to see Santa and he was like an old pro.The tree got decorated, although I haven't uploaded the pictures yet. It looks pretty.
 The baking is almost done. I have to make blueberry scones today. I will box up the cookies to give away next week.Shopping is done and presents are wrapped.
 We are having friends and family coming for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas day. I still have grocery shopping and housecleaning left. I am really excited for next week. Then I can relax and enjoy the Holiday.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday and very Happy New Year. I'm taking a little break until after the new year so I'll see you in 2014!

Monday, December 16, 2013

More Decor

I had to keep Christmas decor to a minimum with the pupster around. He 's still getting into everything. You didn't think I'd go all white in the whole house, did you? I couldn't live with out my red. So it's in the kitchen and family room. These pic's are in no particular order.

A cute tray I thrifted and added the chalkboard paint in the middle.

My wooden ornament stash looks so festive I put it on the coffee table. Nothing for Bowie to get into.

Above the piano. Cute cigar box scene from Kim K.

 I found these for $2.50 each at World Market yesterday. So cute on the kitchen tree.

We still have to finish the tree when the kids can get together. I have more shopping, baking and cooking to do.I also have a bunch of Christmas movies I want to watch. I hope I can find the time. What about you? Are you ready? Just remember-don't sweat the small stuff.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas With the Sweets

What is one to do in freezing temperatures? Decorate the Sweet Shoppe of course.
Here is Mrs. Sweet cleaning up after cookie baking.
 More gingerbread men to cut out.
 The tree is up in the shoppe.
 Mr. Sweet came down for a cup of coffee and piece of pie. He has his  Christmas gift for Mrs. Sweet.
 Stockings are hung.
 More goodies.
Look at her little Christmas Tree pin and vintage apron.
If you want to see the outside of the Sweet Shoppe decorated for Christmas click here. A little note-Mrs. Swwet changed her hair do since last year. ha ha.
 Here's some of our decor. This is my entryway and dining room.
 I decided to do snow theme and keep it silver and white.
 Salt shaker Santas that I made from vintage shakers and a pretty house from Home Goods.

 The bird cage is lit up.

More Christmas decor to come next week. Today is the first day out after the ice storm. There is still alot of ice, but the roads are getting better. We weathered the storm by watching movies, decorating the tree , baking and eating. Hope you all are having better weather too. Enjoy!

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

Here is the beginning of my Christmas decor. I started outside. We have a very small porch area. Mixing the plaids is so festive.
 I used an old shutter to hang a grapevine wreath and childrens ice skates.
 I put the tree in a Scotch cooler. I'm loving the plaids together.
 Here's a look at the front of the house. I put lights in all the garlands so at night they are really pretty.
When I took these pictures on Wednesday it was 80 degrees here. Today it is 27. It dropped over 50 degrees.No it's not snow, but ice covering the ground. Bowie has been slipping and sliding. Here he is in his new Christmas sweater-gotta keep warm!
 Everything is covered with it. It is really pretty on the trees, but dangerous. Everyone is snug at home today and in for the weekend.
 We'll be using this alot. Watching movies, making popcorn and getting the tree up.

I hope you are all safe and snug. More decorations to come next week.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Over the River and Through the Woods

Some of you will be going to Grandmas house. We're staying here.
 Some of you will be traveling or having family and friends over.
 Most people will be eating some of this.
 Let the merry making begin.
 Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
I have been tweaking my vintage inspired Christmas decorations to put in my Etsy Shop. I'm having a Grand Reopening. Everything will be on sale this week for 15% off. Use the code Christmas.Get a head start on your shopping.

Joining Cozy Little House for Tweak it Tuesday.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Where were you?

Where were you 50 years ago when you heard the words "The president has been shot"? I was in second grade and the teacher came in and informed us about that horrible event. 
 I live in a Dallas suburb now and have been hearing about and seeing things on TV. The window where Lee Harvey Oswald took those shots out of is now a museum about JFK called the 6th Floor Museum.We've been there before and will go again.
 Our oldest son has the middle name John after JFK.
 I thought I'd pop in because I was thinking about this. Me and Bowie got back after a blustery walk-it's in the 30's here. Really cold for us.
 I 've been a busy elf making wreaths and Christmas stuff  That's what my desk looks like right now. I'm gearing up to reopen my Etsy shop. (If I can get a sunny day to take some better pictures.)
Terrible picture above(I think I need a new camera), but I found this little charm for my bracelet from Hubby on the toothpaste this morning. It's a letter in an envelope and says "I Love You". Nice  to wake up to on a cold, dreary day. Where were you when JFK got shot?
I'm taking a moment to remember, and then getting back in the craftroom. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Junking and Crafting

 A little church in the town of Nocona, Texas-so pretty. We went to a few antique stores and a vintage car museum. This is the one I want.
 Don't you love that bubblegum pink?
 Here's what I've been working on. Little scottie embroideries.
 Making Christmas ornaments-this one is for son who dressed up like a Lollypop Kid for Halloween-there was a whole group that dressed like Wizard of Oz characters. I still need to add the hangers.
 A gift for Bowies Doggie Day care Mama.
 Random embroidery-I need to erase the blue pen on this.
 Found loads of wooden ornies. I will be making a wreath or two with these.
 These were thrifted- a whole bag of vintage cookie cutters-some with the wooden handles and another bag of old jello molds. Can't wait to do something with these.
 But today was so nice out we went on a picnic-Bowie is will be a year old in about a month. He's such a sweetie and I'm so glad we adopted him!!
Is it just me or do you hate paying antique store prices the more you go to thrift stores? Hope you are having a great week!