Friday, December 6, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

Here is the beginning of my Christmas decor. I started outside. We have a very small porch area. Mixing the plaids is so festive.
 I used an old shutter to hang a grapevine wreath and childrens ice skates.
 I put the tree in a Scotch cooler. I'm loving the plaids together.
 Here's a look at the front of the house. I put lights in all the garlands so at night they are really pretty.
When I took these pictures on Wednesday it was 80 degrees here. Today it is 27. It dropped over 50 degrees.No it's not snow, but ice covering the ground. Bowie has been slipping and sliding. Here he is in his new Christmas sweater-gotta keep warm!
 Everything is covered with it. It is really pretty on the trees, but dangerous. Everyone is snug at home today and in for the weekend.
 We'll be using this alot. Watching movies, making popcorn and getting the tree up.

I hope you are all safe and snug. More decorations to come next week.


  1. Hi Leslie!
    Oh my gosh, fifty degree drop, that's amazing and BRRRRRRR! (It's 42 here this morning and native California wuss that I am, I'm freezing my patootie off LOL)
    Love your house, the exterior is so darling and love all your holiday decorations. As always, I'm way behind and feel overwhelmed drat drat drat. So many ideas swirling in my brain and I can't seem to break it down into doable chunks. WAH.
    Bowie is the cutest guy ever - he's got the sweetest face, give him a tummy rub for me.
    Happy happy holidays!
    Sally xo

  2. Love your decorations. The exterior of your ice is so inviting. I can't even imagine a 50 degree drop. It's 22 outside today in our area. Our ice backyard ice rink will be happening this weekend. I like being able to control the ice though. Mothers Nature's ice isn't quite the same.

  3. Your decorations are so sweet and love the ice skates!! And, I love the brick on your house! Brick always is so pretty on a home! Have a cozy and crafty weekend! xo Heather

  4. Your house looks darling - perfect for Christmas decorations. Hope you have a happy weekend.

    xo Danielle

  5. Everything looks wonderful Leslie -- love the cooler tree stand! It was -40F here this morning and we have more than enough snow. You don't need snow to have a festive porch -- or pooch!! :)

  6. Your outside decorating is so inviting! You have a lovely exterior. Your little puppy looks darling in the sweater! I think I might make a chocolate bar. I've seen so many in blogland!

  7. Your home looks so charming, Leslie, and I can imagine at night it's just magical. I love all your touches of red, especially the plaids. I've got a smaller cooler just like yours, but it's too cold to bring it outside. Bowie is so darn cute in his Christmas sweater!!!

  8. LOVE your porch and all the plaid! Now I am wanting to start looking for plaid and trust me when I say I don't need any more Christmas! I truly love it though...:) Your little Bowie is adorable. He has the longest legs for a little dog! Too cute! Stay warm and send the cold my way air conditioner is humming away as I type!
    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  9. Your porch is so lovely and I love your use of the plaids. Your doggie so cute! Last week we spent the night in Memphis and when we took the dog out in the morning, he went sliding on the icy sidewalk. His first experience with ice. He's glad to be home in AZ. It's cool but at least we don't have ice.

    I love that red framed black board. I may have to get my hubby to make me one!

  10. Your decorations look great. It has been cold here but we have not had the problems y'all are having. Hope you are safe and staying warm.

  11. Hi Leslie,
    Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about all the heavy weather you're having and that you've been iced in for days! Thank heavens you have lots of crafty supplies to play with. What does Bo think of it all? Will he wear booties?
    Sending you some warm(er) air from the west coast xo

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