Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas With the Sweets

What is one to do in freezing temperatures? Decorate the Sweet Shoppe of course.
Here is Mrs. Sweet cleaning up after cookie baking.
 More gingerbread men to cut out.
 The tree is up in the shoppe.
 Mr. Sweet came down for a cup of coffee and piece of pie. He has his  Christmas gift for Mrs. Sweet.
 Stockings are hung.
 More goodies.
Look at her little Christmas Tree pin and vintage apron.
If you want to see the outside of the Sweet Shoppe decorated for Christmas click here. A little note-Mrs. Swwet changed her hair do since last year. ha ha.
 Here's some of our decor. This is my entryway and dining room.
 I decided to do snow theme and keep it silver and white.
 Salt shaker Santas that I made from vintage shakers and a pretty house from Home Goods.

 The bird cage is lit up.

More Christmas decor to come next week. Today is the first day out after the ice storm. There is still alot of ice, but the roads are getting better. We weathered the storm by watching movies, decorating the tree , baking and eating. Hope you all are having better weather too. Enjoy!


  1. I want to morph into a 6 year old and play with your Sweet Shoppe, Leslie!!! It is absolutely enchanting for the young and old alike. And your dining room....sigh. Your china cabinet needs no accessories to shine in the room, but the snowflakes and twinkle lights make it even more special this time of year. The snowmen are genius! Thanks for bringing us a little holiday magic.

  2. I love your doll house. It looks like the Sweets will have a wonderful Christmas.

    Amy jo

  3. Oh my gosh, everything is so adorable Leslie! Love your Sweet Shop! Love all your home decor too - and I am kicking myself in the rear for giving away my parents S&P shakers, yours are so cute and I'm so inspired.
    Are you able to venture out yet?
    Happy crafting!

  4. What a cute Sweet Shop! I love all the little details.
    Your house looks great all decorated for Christmas too. Love the salt shaker snowmen, how clever!

  5. You know I'm loving your Sweet Shop. The interior is just wonderful and I love the dialogue that goes with the pictures. Mr. Sweet is well taken care of. I'm glad he brought a present to the Mrs. Aren't you brilliant with those Salt shaker snowmen made from vintage shakers!! Love them!

  6. Oh, your Sweet Shoppe is just the sweetest! Love all the cute decorations!! And, you home is so beautiful! And, I agree, the snowmen shakers are so neat!! xo Heather

  7. I love the sweet shop. It is definitely sweet! Your decorations are lovely too and I love those cute shaker snowmen.

    xo Danielle

  8. I love the sweet show. Your silver and white themed Christmas is coming together beautifully. I love those salt shaker snowmen. So cute.

  9. What a sweet shop. Mr and Mrs. Sweet are just too cute.

  10. Too Cute! I love the valances over the windows the best! Darling!
    Erica :)

  11. So cute Leslie! i'm glad your weather didn't put a chill on things inside The Sweet Shoppe! Love the cupboard and snowmen too. If you decide you'd like some real snow I'd be happy to ship you some. We have lots of extra to share!

  12. I love your decorations!! I hope you are warm and safe...this has been an amazing start to the holiday season...wow...and we even had some snow too!!!
    I laughed when I saw your "salt shaker Santa's"!! Those very salt and pepper shakers (the one on the right) are on my kitchen table!! We use them every day :^)
    Blessings to you,

  13. Leslie, your Christmas decor is al so lovely. But I especially love that sweet little dolly house and all the baking that is going on. This put a huge smile on my face.

  14. Leslie, Love the sweet shoppe. Mrs. Sweet looks so cute decked out in her polka dots. Wonder what's in that present for her :)