Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pillow Transfer Project

 I decided to try my hand at fabric transfer. Here is my sample to check the size with my pillow form.
I used Tailor Iron -On Print'n Press transfer sheets from JoAnns.I followed the directions on the transfer sheet.I got the graphics from the Graphics Fairy and typed the text on Word. You do have to reverse the image before printing. I cut apart the words.
 Laid them out on my white canvas fabric I  already had. I did run a test on a scrap piece, because I wanted a faded, aged look.
 Ironed them on and there is my design.
 I added pompom fringe and sewed a plain white backing fabric.
 Here it is. I think it came out pretty well for my first try. I'll probably be doing more of these.
 So fun to do. You can also print in color, but I wanted a simple black faded look.
 Trying to add a few touches of black to my bedroom. I redid this old piece of tin ceiling. Hope to share the whole room with you all soon.
I'm back to my Zumba class, but still coughing. Hope you are staying healthy and have a great week.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Organizing and Regrouping

Hubby and I have both been sick since the day before our youngest son left after Christmas. Hubby came down with it first and passed it on to me. A cold that has turned into bronchitis. Hacking cough and sleepless nights. In between all that I've tried to finish my little organizing project while being stuck at home.
I've been working on the dishes in the hutch. A shelf actually fell inside, so I pulled out everything and reorganized.
It's fun to go through stuff that you don't see every day. I got the set above from a garage sale years ago. She was a retired music teacher, so how could I pass those up?
Green glass is from my mom. Love to use these at Christmas for dessert. Okay-so here's the jam packed filing cabinet drawer. I couldn't fit one more piece of paper in there.
I used these 2 products. I absolutely love these 3-d labels. So much easier to see then the flat ones.
The file cabinet is in the office closet, so it's super hard to get a good angle, but take my word for it-I am using about 2/3's of the same drawer. That was about a 3 day project going through each file and getting rid of stuff and redoing my filing categories.
Last post I showed this same bathroom cabinet. I purged and got rid of old and unused stuff. These little drawer shelves fit perfectly under the sinks with the plumbing.
Another bathroom. Everything is labeled and reachable.
Under our kitchen sink-it may not be the most beautiful organizing, but it sure works for me. I used alot of little containers we already had. I tried to label everything and group it. Feeling pretty good-now I'm ready to tackle the kitchen cabinets.
We had a light dusting of snow and you can see, Bowie is not sure he likes it.
Anyway, I'm starting to feel better and can't wait to get back into things.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy 2017! We had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas break. We did lots of visiting and game playing. Sons did lots of baking and cooking. 
 Making cinnamon rolls from scratch.
 Christmas morning fruit salad with prosecco for breakfast. I love the way they both pitch in and love to help. We ate and ate.
 Pie baking son made his wonderful chocolate chess pie for Christmas dessert. It was so good!
 We did 3 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzles. This was one that was finished-missing a piece. Hmmmm.  It was wonderful having both sons home. So hard to say good-bye.
Each year after the holidays I am ready to get going again. I am forcing myself  to show you this shot of my master bathroom under the sink. I am ready to organize and get rid of some stuff. I will show you the after when I get it done. I thought I'd start with an easy doable project. I plan on revamping our home filing cabinet. I am cleaning today while making 10 bean soup for dinner, because it finally got cold here.
 Great day to stay in and do a little winter decorating, now that the Christmas stuff is all put away.
I hope your holidays were great. Thank you so much for following along on my adventures and projects. My mind is whirring with lists of things to do. Happy January!