Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Week

I made these little chicks over the weekend. 
They are small and cute. 
I found the pattern HERE.
Cute vintage card with bunny cookie cutter found at a garage sale. 
This is how my dining room table looks until I set it for Easter dinner.All pieces made by my Aunt Ruth.
Here is is ready for Sunday. I will point out everything I got and from where. You'll be amazed.
Table cloth-the only thing purchased from an antique store. I couldn't pass it up with that pretty applique and hand embroidery. It's layered over a white and pink cloth that was from a garage sale.
Pink plate found on Craigs list-she threw in 2 extras. Silverware-from my Mom.
These cottage plates-found at a garage sale. I had seen them the day before at an antique store with the tablecloth. Of course I had to go back for the tablecloth.
Napkins and duck napkin holders, thrift store. Small pink plates, Goodwill.
Salt and pepper, silver candy dish-thrift store. Candleholders-made by my Aunt Ruth.
Wine glasses-thrift store-I only had 3 for the longest time and finally found the 4th.
You can see I didn't spend much money to get a pretty Easter table. I love the hunt and waiting game to find the right stuff. We're having our usual ham, asparagus, potatoes au gratin, carrot salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert. It never changes. I love making and eating this meal.
Joining Tweak it Tuesday. I definitely tweaked that tablescape. Check out more ideas HERE. I hope you have a wonderful Easter week.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

I had this sitting on my desk forever and finally finished him. I got the vintage teacup at the thrift store.
I thought it needed a little garden and Easter bunny . I used the prettiest vintage pink and gray rick rack on the edge.
I only finished one wreath. Oh well-there's always next year.
Here's some of my Easter decorations.

The back drop is a page from a vintage Peter Rabbit book.

I found this cute felt couple at an antique store a few years ago. I want to recreate the pattern. 
Look at her cute little purse. Mr. Mouse is giving Mrs. Rabbit a posy. 
I'll share the rest of my decor next week. The weather has been so nice here. I hope it stays. I've been doing a little spring cleaning and finishing income taxes. I know -I was doing that 2 weeks ago. Have a nice weekend-and get rid of the snow.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. PAtricks Day!

Just thought I'd pop in to wish you a Happy St. Patricks Day. My corned beef and cabbage are in the crock pot. We're doing a bunch of home catch ups today. Hope your day is great. I'll be back later this week to share my Easter decor. Thanks Erica for the cute image above.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Story of the Christening Dress

This post is all about a special dress.

 A Christening dress that was given to me by my mom,years ago,which was given to her by my Great Grandma.

 A list of relatives have been christened in the dress. What I didn't know,was as I was going through old paperwork, I found a little note, written in my Great Grandmas handwriting about where it came from.

According to the note , it was given to her by a sea captains wife and she writes the name of the ship(I could read the only the  first and last few letters).It says the dress was over 100 years old, and was from India. I started to search, first for the correct name of the ship. I was able to find a New York Herald entry(shipping news), dated 1872, with ship name (Coriuga), captain (Bogart)and port(Calcutta to Boston). Once I knew it was correct, the real search began. Now remember this captain is no relation to me or my family. I know-I get obsessed!
  Here is a copy of his seaman's certificate that he signed at age 20. It actually has a physical description of him and is signed by him on Jan. 19, 1855. Hard to read, but it says he was 5'9", light complexion,light hair and blue eyes.Amazing they have all this available on the internet and

 That's all I need to be off on a little mystery. As most of you know I love genealogy.

I was able to create a time line of his life , his wife, his daughter and where he lived and died.
 I'm not able to figure out when the dress was actually given to my Great Grandma, but I'm sure it was after the Captains death. Here is his obituary.

Annie was older then my Great Grandma and had only 1 daughter. Maybe daughter Emma was  christened in it and maybe they were friends. The connection is Maine where Annie's relatives lived and was the home of my Great Grandparents.When my Grandfather was born , I like to think Annie gave it to her, to pass it on. It was passed on-at least 7 more babies were christened in it-including my brother,cousins, Uncle and Grandfather.. My Mom always said I was too chubby to fit into the arms.But she gave it to me.

I feel like my Great Grandma left this little note as a clue. Here is a photo of Great Grandma and me.

Thank you Great Grandma for writing what you knew about the history of the dress. I was totally obsessed with this over the weekend. I will leave all this new information with the dress. When I pass it down it will have it's own history.
  I'm joining Tweak It Tuesday. Please go check out some wonderful projects.
  Spring is in the air around here! I'm off to paperwork, cleaning and hopefully finish my little crafty projects. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Bit of Green

I decided to take pictures of Greens today. I added the little club cookie cutter to my little Irish boy for St. Patrick's Day.
I added my chalkware sheep to this. I found that pretty plate at the thrift store.
I have always loved this little cottage picture. It's hard to photograph with the glass.
I always pick these up, mostly for the frames, but sometimes you get a really nice picture inside.
The one above I copied from a thrift store book-Joan Walsh Anglund.I love her artwork.
I broke my glass in the bathroom and grabbed a fireking mug. Works perfect!
You've seen this antique hand mirror before. It was my Mom's and hangs in our bathroom .
Those are my random greens. This is what I've been doing. Does your work table look like this when you are in the middle of a project? I only have about 4 square inches of space to work. Putting together Easter wreaths, and little bunnies. I'll share when I get something finished.
Thank you for all the wonderful comments. I do think that's the best part about blogging. Plus the fact that it keeps me motivated and inspired. Hope you guys have a great week! It was 88 degrees here on Monday-broke all the records, but today it's back to normal. What a taste of spring-I mean summer!