Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy Spring!

I missed it by one day, but I'm finally showing you my spring home. If you have been here before, you know I change out my colors for the season. I'm able to do that because my background is all neutral.
 For spring I've been using jadite green and a pretty aqua turquoise.
 I found this striped pitcher at the thrift store. Love to fill it with cotton stems.
 Here is the family room. I keep the colors going because of my open floor plan.

 And here again is my favorite new thing-my open shelves in the kitchen which I am truly loving!

I finally joined Instagram so come check me out. Just click on the camera icon on the top of the sidebar. I've been busy thrifting (not buying much) trying to control that, and getting the garden going. It's been super warm here. I hope you are getting some nicer weather so you can be outside. Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kitchen Shelves

Well it took me long enough. Some of you guessed correctly-open kitchen shelves in place of the cabinet. Here's the before.
First, dismantle the cabinet and remove from wall.
Then find out that the space left doesn't match the height of the wall texture,darn!
It's about an 1/8 of an inch different.
Fill in with joint compound-layer after thin layer and retexture.
Repaint wall. Start painting brackets and wood for shelf. I used the same paint as my cabinets. Benjamin Moore Advance. Prime, paint 3 coats and cure.I love it, but it's a long dry time and a 3 day cure time. Waiting...
Start installing on wall and get to the last bracket and boom- it just splits into 2 pieces. Now what? Wood glue, joint compound, sanding, and repaint. Waiting...
Finally on the wall. Touch up paint and more waiting...
Finally, the fun part. I am getting ready for spring, will show that next week, so I added in a few touches of green.

I love that anybody can just grab a glass or wine glass.
I'm on the lookout for coffee mugs. I still want to hang them with teacup hooks below the bottom shelf.
I can cross that project off my list. It took way longer then I thought, but I am loving the finished look. Some day I'll get that white subway tile backsplash.
Thanks for being patient with me. On to spring cleaning and spring decorating.