Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More Red and Blue

Here's the family room with touches of red and a dash of blue.
 Another vintage quilt square pillow. The white fringe was reused from an old tablecloth.

Used my cottage bunting on the fireplace.
 Found these tiny cowboy boots at a garage sale years ago.I love how worn the toes are. The little milk bottle coasters are from Moda.
 I saw this idea at Carol's at Art and Sand. I already had the tool box tray and little glass vases so I just added some flowers to it. Sitting on an old red, white and blue quilt remnant.
 This pillow was made from an old feed sack.  I looked and looked until I finally found the one in the right colors. Best of all it had a rooster!
 Brought out my old red key.

 Here's the kitchen hutch all done up in red and blue. Almost everything you see in the hutch was gotten at the thrift store or garage sales. I can't tell you how much fun it is to go on the hunt.

 Here's view from kitchen nook into the family room. You can see how open it is. that's why I have to tie the colors in together.
 Some red handled flatware in my old toolbox.
 View into the kitchen. I haven't shown this in awhile. I don't do much in here-just the towels and Aunt Ruth's rooster on the fridge.
 Older son painted the Fresh Eggs sign years ago. Little slip covers brought out for the chairs.

It took awhile to take pictures. It has been raining and raining here on Dallas. And more to come this week. I hope you all are enjoying a start to your summer.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Make Room for Red!

It's that time of year again. Time to change colors. I like to go back to my reds, but decided to add a little blue this year. Thinkin' about, Memorial Day, Flag Day, which is also my Mom's birthday and of course the Fourth of July. Most dishes and that cute red casserole picked up at the thrift store.
Pillows made from vintage linens and an old quilt square. This is just a little preview-I'm still working on it. I'll share my family room and kitchen next time.
 My Gardenia is blooming like crazy. We've gotten so much rain.
 What a pretty pure white blossom. The scent is unbelievable.
Still trying to catch up. Son has moved home for the summer and there is stuff everywhere. I forgot how much boys like to eat. Back to the grocery store. Have a good week.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Odds and Ends

Look at the pretty butterfly. He's having a little lunch on the delphinium.
 He just flitted around so I could take pictures of him. Isn't that flower a spectacular color?
 Hubby cut out the hole in the seat of the ice cream parlor chair, so the purslane sits in the chair.
 Another delphinium. I absolutely love that shade of purple.
 Little shasta dasies came back this year.
 Finally added a pot of petunias on the old milk can.
 I made an umbrella cover. I was so sick of having to buy new umbrellas every few years. In the hot Texas sun my red umbrella faded to pink pretty quickly. Hopefully this gives it a little protection. I just added little velcro dots, so it is easy to take off when I want to open the umbrella. I used my coupon at Joanns to by outdoor fabric. Kinda looks like Dr. Suess's  Cat in the Hat.
 Another little project. The wires under the desk. I have lived with them for 5 years.
 I bought a few of these and I'm in love with how they work. I used them to secure the surge protector to the underside of the desk.
 Corraled all the loose wires. Too bad I can't make the modem disappear!
 One more look.
Alot of randomness going on this week. Hope yours is a good one!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Laundry Room Today

Some of you will remember my laundry room mini re-do from a few years back. I thought I'd show it again. It hasn't changed much.
 The sampler was made by me when I was about 9 years old- my first one.
 Little red shelf made for me by Hubby. My little apron collection is hanging on the heart shaped hooks. The second hook from the left has an embroidered apron that was worn by my Grandma. The rest were found at thrift stores. I love the colors!
 I added the red and white curtain to hide the ugly plugs and water hoses. Still easy access. The little sprinkle thing for ironing was my Mom's. I remember her using it when she ironed.
 I have been making my own laundry soap. I absolutely love it and the smell is wonderful. I followed this recipe from Stone Gable. I even found a vintage spoon to scoop it out with.
 Here is a view of the whole wall. Very hard to photograph, because it is just a tiny walk through space.The vintage picnic basket was found at a thrift store. I keep all my cleaning supplies in the metal pie safes up above.
 The sign was made by me from an old cabinet insert.
Here's the original post.I won't show the opposite side-it has changed from my cute little storage cupboard to Hubby's brewing area. He stores all his home brew supplies there. It's got to go someplace.

More to share in the garden next week. Hope you are getting some wonderful weather. We made it through the Texas storms, just fine, but there were alot of bad storms around Dallas.The sun is shining today! Have a happy Mother's Day!