Friday, February 25, 2011

Hidden Places

I love when a piece of furniture has a secret. Like when you open a cupboard and you have something that only you get to see. I have my quilt stash in this armoire.I love opening the doors and seeing the pretty stacks of quilty goodness.
I think the reason I bought this primitive cabinet, was the red painted drawers. I never leave them open, and only I know they are painted red. I love that someone took the time to go the extra step to add some hidden cheerfullness.
Most of you know I'm a piano teacher, and I love crafting with music paper. The back of this computer armoire was sitting against my stair railing. You can only see the decoupaged back, when you go up the stairs.
Here it is peaking through. Someday I will add some hidden personality to a few more drawers and doors in my house.
I've been so busy doing college scholarship paperwork, income tax stuff-YUCK! Just about done. Also taking care of my Dad, who is getting better. I'll probably take him back to Arkansas this week. Than hopefully I can catch up with all of your blogs and get back to some stuff here. Have a great week-end.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I thought I'd share a collection of my Mom's. She has about 15 of these salt and peppers. They are called Nodders.They swing back and forth in the little holders. The bases are all very similar. They usually have a floral motif/ They were originally tourist souvenirs.
My Dad put little glass shelves in the kitchen window so she could display them. They are so unique. I'd never even seen or noticed them in shops before she started collecting them.
Now I think they are kitchy and cute! Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

I still managed to get out thrifting while in Arkansas and here are my finds. I collect red and white enamelware coffee pots, so I nearly mowed a lady down when I saw this one. You don't see them with red lids very often. I'll use the little Ginger can in my Christmas decor.I have one fireking cup and saucer with tulips, and I found these two at different shops. I'll use them in some kind of spring vignette. I still want to find one more-maybe the pretty blue floral, or the red and pink floral that I've seen. I want to have a set of 4 mismatched cups and saucers.
The pillowcase was found at the GW. for 50 cents.
I love this book! I keep saying I don't need any more books, but I couldn't pass on this.
The illustrations are so charming and it's in excellent condition.
I'm catching up on things around here and getting lots of little things done. Hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy to Be Home

I'm back. I'm really glad to be back. Thanks for all the well wishes for my Dad. I brought him back with me to Texas, and we are playing everything by ear. I really missed you guys-reading everyones blogs and keeping up with you. I thought I'd do a short post about the 3-yes 3 snows we had in Arkansas while I was there. This is the view out my Dad's window. It was gorgeous!This is my van after it was pushed to the shoulder, because I was sliding down the hill backwards. Not fun!
Here's the hill. Didn't know it was icy-after all I'm used to Texas!
I stayed busy reading and stitching in between helping my Dad out. I'll share more tomorrow-just wanted to pop in and say there's no place like home!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentines for you

Here are a few valentines for you. I'm getting ready to go help out my Dad. He's been in the hospital and will be out today or tomorrow. We are iced in, here in Dallas, but I hope we can make the drive tomorrow. I will be gone for a little while, there's no internet there, but I'll be thinking of you. Stay warm and safe.
The inside of the above card says:

I'm much too shy to tell you
So I sent this Valentine
To let you know I'm very glad
That you're a friend of mine!
See you soon.