Friday, February 25, 2011

Hidden Places

I love when a piece of furniture has a secret. Like when you open a cupboard and you have something that only you get to see. I have my quilt stash in this armoire.I love opening the doors and seeing the pretty stacks of quilty goodness.
I think the reason I bought this primitive cabinet, was the red painted drawers. I never leave them open, and only I know they are painted red. I love that someone took the time to go the extra step to add some hidden cheerfullness.
Most of you know I'm a piano teacher, and I love crafting with music paper. The back of this computer armoire was sitting against my stair railing. You can only see the decoupaged back, when you go up the stairs.
Here it is peaking through. Someday I will add some hidden personality to a few more drawers and doors in my house.
I've been so busy doing college scholarship paperwork, income tax stuff-YUCK! Just about done. Also taking care of my Dad, who is getting better. I'll probably take him back to Arkansas this week. Than hopefully I can catch up with all of your blogs and get back to some stuff here. Have a great week-end.


  1. What a delightful view as you go up the stairs.

  2. I love all the hidden treasures, and I would stare endlessly inside your beautiful quilt stash. I see pink!! :) I love your chair back too!!! I play piano and am trying to get started as a teacher too!! It is my passion. Love those red drawers too. Glad to hear your Dad is getting better and I wish him well!!!

  3. Oh Leslie, I love each pic that you have shared. I love your armoire, not only for the quilts (which of course I am drooling over) but the pretty boxes organized so beautifully also.I would keep those red drawers opened also. that piece is awesome. I forgot you were a piano teacher...(I went up to Grade 8 piano with royal conservatory of music)...I think the decoupage is perfect..especially with the piano sheets and you see it when you go up those stairs. Glad to hear you dad is doing better...

  4. love the prim cabinet. And, I love decorating with sheet music. My oldest played the violin, the next one played the cello, and my son took piano for a few years too. Good luck w/ the college stuff. It can be so hard to navigate. Where is he/she going? Our oldest girl is @ The University of Chicago. And, the junior girl is in the process of looking. Whew! It wears me out!

  5. Love the stash of quilts AND the red drawers. It's the little things sometimes, isn't it?

  6. So glad to read that your dad is doing better, Leslie.
    I wish you safe travels to Arkansas and back to your home again. Maybe even a little stop or two a thrift store/antique store..:o)
    The Tattered Tassel