Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thrifty Reds

Happy Rednesday!
I snuck out for a little thrifting today, and look what I found! Love salt and peppers with red lids. They sit on a cute tablecloth that will go perfect with some of my plates.This is the back of an afghan. Something about the colors in this really got me. Not sure weather to use the back or front.
Some vintage linens. I'll probably use a few of these for embroidery.
More red. Vintage Christmas music books. The illustrations inside of some of them are great.
This is the first coloring book I've bought. I saw some in a blog(forgot which one) and I think these pic's can be used for all kinds of things.
For more great reds go check out It's A Very Cherry World. It's a beautiful day here in Dallas-off to take my Dad back home later this week. Maybe I'll get to a few garage sales over the weekend.


  1. Great finds! I'm loving the linens, especially the butterfly doily....how cool! You can print the coloring book pictures on fabric and embroider them.

  2. These things are so dear. Love the red tops on the s and p shakers....the towels are so sweet...love that style so much. The music and the coloring book are great finds. You were one lucky gal. Happy Rednesday.

  3. Oh I love all these sweet things my favorite being the salt and pepper lids which remind me of gnome hats lol..

  4. Wow be still my heart. I love those little salt and pepper shakers. they are perfect. What a wonderful find!

  5. Wonderful finds! Those salt and pepper shakers are great. :o) Also love the music and the drawing, very sweet.
    The Tattered Tassel

  6. awesome finds, I love the colouring book idea Sena had for embroideries!

  7. I am on the hunt for some red salt and pepper shakers too. Love the colouring book and the vintage material you have shared

  8. I love a good find! Have a great Wednesday.
    Your newest follower
    Tranquil Acres of Alexandria

  9. Love your finds...great Rednesday post..blessings

  10. Enjoyed your blog and seeing all the neat variety of reds.

  11. Great thrift finds! We just love those salt and pepper shakers. That coloring book is too cute!

    Have a great day,
    Laura and Michele

  12. Hi Leslie Sweetie...
    What a wonderful share today. I love those red topped salt and pepper shakers. How cute they are and they will pop where ever you display them.

    Love that afghan as well. Aren't those reversible ones the best, looks good on either side. Perfect for a new look now and then.

    I also love your coloring books. I pick them up for pictures as well. They are so much fun to add even as a stitching pattern. Love it.

    Thank you for sharing with me today sweetie. I so enjoyed my visit. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  13. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog....I am really enjoying your blog... fell in love with your "vintage" treasures...and...absolutely love the little red piano in your header....)))smiles)))

  14. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment, I'm one of your followers but I just havn't stopped by in awhile.

    Great red items!! I love salt n pepper shakers but don't really have a collection going yet, I seen some of yours though and they are lovely!!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  15. What great finds. My favorite is the salt and pepper shakers. Love the red tops. Nice linens too.

  16. precious post :))
    Happy Rednesday!!

    Blessings to you,
    Kay Ellen

  17. You always have the cutest sheet music. At one estate sale I sifted through an entire box of sheet music picked out what I wanted and was told they were to be bought as a lot! Oh, well it was fun to see the old graphics. These are great. I can't wait to see how you display them.

  18. Hi, What a delightful visit. I especially enjoyed the gorgeous linens - so many family memories for me there as my grandmother had many similar items. Isn't old sheet music cool! I found some at a homeschool sale recently and sent most to my granddaughters who are taking piano lessons. They were so thrilled. Thanks for a lovely visit. :)

  19. Nothing better than some time thrifting to work out the kinks and rejuvenate the sprit. And, I would have purchased those S & P shakers as well.

    Thanks for the visit my way and the lovely comment.

  20. I bet those sweet pictures in the coloring book would make great patterns for the pretty pillows that you create!

  21. Wait! I think you've been to my house and have my piano music. I'm going to go check right now.............whew! You just have Christmas music that looks, er no, IS EXACTLY LIKE MINE! I have the cream, green, and red Merry Christmas AND the Christmas Carols book right behind it too. These are from my childhood in the early/mid 70s! How funny! I enjoyed seeing your treasures.

  22. Great shakers - never seen that shape before! I have three sets of red-topped shakers, and always on the lookout for more.

    Also, I love your mom's nodders from a few posts previous. Looked them up on eBay and I can't believe how expensive they are!

    I also agree with you about pretty hidden places!