Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bathroom Mini Redo

Hi. It's time to share my bathroom mini redo. The reason this all started (and you all know about that old domino effect) was the bathtub needed to be professionally refinished. When we moved into our house the previous owner must have used some wrong cleaner that stripped off the shiny finish. So it looked bad-really bad. But before we did that I decided an electrician was in order. I wanted a new can light over the dreary tub (no windows) and the one bathroom light over the mirror split into 2. We've never hired an electrician before and I absolutely loved ours. Of course after electrical we need to patch and texture sheetrock holes in the ceiling and wall. Then a  new paint job. I would have loved to replace the counter on the vanity-but this was a Mini Redo!  So finally the refinish on the tub-it looks brand new. Here's the before. I would be too embarrassed to show that old tub. I took down the wall paper border and mirror,
The after.So hard to photograph  a small bathroom.New mirrors are from Ikea. New vanity light from Lowes.
Light blue paint on the walls. Remember-no window so I had to lighten it up.
A touch of vintage. Strombecker dollhouse furniture from Etsy. I made a little shadow box using vintage images and scrapbook paper.

Little box, painted with white chalkboard paint.This is our second bathroom-also for guests.
I had this in the old bathroom-
White spray paint and now you see the colors of the shells.Just hot glue them on.
Here's the bathtub side. New shower curtain-Target.

I found this old medicine cabinet at a garage sale.
Used AS chalk paint.
Added some scrapbook paper.  Love that old hardware and knob. Even the glass shelf was there.
Copied a picture from an old book. The towel hooks are from Home Depot-I screwed them onto an old piece of headboard.
There it is. Probably one of my longest posts. Thanks for sticking it out.The goal was to lighten and brighten the bathroom.It feels bigger and more modern.
 It's starting to get really hot here. But that's usual for us in Texas!  Hope you all have a wonderful week.


  1. Love how your bathroom turned out. Don't you just love it when it is all done? All I have left to do is make the shower curtain and I can show you pics soon.

  2. You guys did a great job!! Blue and white is one of my favorite color combos. And the doll house furniture shadowbox is wonderful!! LOve that! :-) I need to copy your idea for towel hooks, because the silly towel bar in the kids bath keeps falling off the wall. I need something I can screw right into the studs.

  3. Your bathroom is so sweet and love the old medicine cabinet and shadow box!! So cute!! xo Heather

  4. What a wonderful redo. You know I'm loving your strombecker doll house furniture incorporated in your redo. That shadowbox is absolutely darling! Amazing how night lights can totally change things too. Great job.

  5. I love your bathroom redo...very pretty! The shadow box is adorable...:) The new paint color, mirrors, and lights really brighten it up. We had hoped to redo out master bath over the summer but ran out of money. Hopefully in the fall. Have a blessed evening.....Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  6. Everything looks so fresh and bright Lesley! That shadow box with the miniatures is darn cute!! I love your medicine cabinet, too. I had 2 in our old house that I had to leave behind, so I bought a new repro model from VanDykes for this house. It fit perfectly in the recessed opening!

    How did your tub turn out? The finish on our 1921 tub is awful and we need to have ours refinished, too. I never use it, but the grandkids do. They're too young to complain right now. :)

  7. I love your mini-redo. We too refinished our tub this spring. Ours was the old cast iron and the finish has dulled after 60+ years. Don't they look wonderful after a refinish! My favorite is the doll house furniture shadow box. You are so creative. Great guest bath.

  8. Hi, Leslie,
    What a difference! Great job. Amazing what new lighting, paint and updated mirrors can do.
    I have not been blogging at all lately. "Life" has gotten in the way. I'm sure you can probably relate. Do you think blogging has slowed down? I think maybe "Pinterest" is affecting it. So many pictures and ideas you can check out there.

  9. Hi Leslie,
    I love your mini redo! You guys are so talented and creative. Wish you were here and could help me with ideas to tweak my bathroom. :) I love your color choices and adore your shadow boxes - that mini bathroom set is the cutest.

    Happy almost weekend!

  10. The scrapbook paper and the color of the cabinet go together like you planned it. Very creative and cute! water damage restoration Houston

  11. Miss Leslie, you may not show us your charming bathroom redo and then skedaddle again ... hahahhahahhaha ... hope all is well with you!

    We are waiting and waiting over here ... my husband is to have an MRI on the 17th to give them more info and then based on what they find out, the plan is for him to have surgery in early October or early December. David wants to wait until December since he has three weeks holiday vacation then but the test results will determine if he can.

    Virtual barks and biscuits for little Bo!

  12. Hi Leslie!
    Sorry to be so late in thanking you for all your care and concern and sweet comments for all of us over here - it's so very hard to stay on top of everything.
    We are going to the vet at 12:30 - all Georgie wants to do is drink water today, he ate a cup of food and took his pills but will not eat anymore, even from my hand ... so we called the vet and we were told to bring him in to see the vet. Not sure what is going on???
    Hope you are doing well Ms Slacker Blogger hahahhahaha! Look forward to hearing your latest.
    Sally xo