Monday, October 31, 2016

A Dog Day Afternoon

Halloween at the Dog Park. Here's Bowie dressed up like a pumpkin.
 A cute costume. A few minutes later she was running around with her mask in her mouth.
 Someone else had Bowies costume on. Two pumpkin dogs!
 So much fun, but a very hot day here. Almost 90. Dear Autumn, Have you forgotten about us  in Texas? Sincerely, Dallas.
 I am working on a king size dust ruffle, bed skirt. It's tricky because there are yards and yards of fabric. I'll show it when I'm finished.
I've also been busy making these cute houses. I made these from the first little charm pack I've ever bought.It's called Bonnie and Camille by Moda.  I couldn't resist. The prints are so cute.

 I'll probably be listing these in my Etsy shop this week. Wouldn't they make cute ornaments or special gift tags?
Have a Happy Halloween!
p.s Go Cubbies (I grew up in a Chicago suburb, so I'm rooting for my home team!)


  1. Hi Leslie, How fun taking Bowie to the dog park dressed up for Halloween. He is such a cute little pumpkin. Love your cottage ornaments. They are just adorable. So much details you add makes them so cute.
    Have fun with the bedskirt. I know it must be a challenge but will be awesome when completed.
    Yes, where did Autumn go?? It's so hot here today and my studio AC went out. The new one will arrive Wednesday. Till then I am in and out of the house and using fans. Wow we surely miss the AC when it's not running.

    Happy Halloween!!

    1. It was really fun at the dog park-kind of hot though. I can't imagine being w/o ac. Hope you get it installed in your studio asap. Thanks for the cottage ornament love. I loved making them. Bedskirt-not so much. Next time I'll buy one. What was I thinking? Have a great week and Go Cubs!

  2. Meant to add, Go Cubs. We are fans here too!!!!!!

  3. The dogs look so cute...
    and your ornaments are precious...
    I have a key holder just like your red one...bought it about 25 yrs ago from a company called ABC....mine is still brass and holding.....keys by the back door.

  4. So much cuteness all around! All the dogs are adorable at their little doggie party! And those fabric houses are sweet as can be! I hope you're enjoying a cooler evening tonight.

  5. How cute Bowie looks in the pumpkin outfit :-)I had plans to make my dog a costume--- it is 80% finished--- but I decided to have her spayed this year instead lol NEXT YEAR she will be dressed in a sheeps outfit. She is a Belgian Malinois, so I am going to tell people she is a "Wolf in Sheeps clothing"
    Those little fabric houses are adorable!

  6. Bowie looks absolutely so adorable, Leslie! Best of luck with the dust ruffle! I've made Tao full size bedspreads for two of my granddaughters, and I know what you mean...all that fabric!!!!
    Your little cottages from the charm packs are just too cute for words!
    Yes, when is autumn going to arrive??

  7. Your style reminds me so much of Dear Daisy Cottage and Cherry Hill Cottage. I love them both so much! Your pup is adorable in his costume. Love the little houses!

  8. How cute Bowie looks! I can't imagine my dog sitting still long enough to dress up. The little cottages are so cute. I love ric-rac!

  9. I had no idea there were dog costumes! How fun!

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