Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kitchen Corners

I thought I'd share a few corners of my kitchen. I was inspired by a vintage tablecloth and I had to keep in the colors of my blue and white checked tile floor. I really had fun putting this together. Alot of stuff was thrifted and some came from antique stores and a few things from my best friend Donna.
I collect vintage linens and have a few boxes of them that I'll show later. I also love red and white enamelware-this is only part of my collection.This kitchen is cheerful and bright and makes me happy! Hope you like it.



  1. Hey! Thanks for mentioning my name...the pictures of different areas in your kitchen look great! Donna

  2. Congratulations on your new blog! You are off to a wonderful start. I know just the women who must get a peek at your wonderful vintage red and your crafting space that is too cute for words. We are both recently Empty Nesters, and we both have Yorkies, we both love the same colors! Yippie Skippy! I wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful childhood memory with me in my giveaway. You perfectly captured my own memories of summers. Heavenly! Be sure and check back on Wednesday's evening to see if you are the winner. So happy to meet you and discover your lovely blog! Elizabeth

  3. Lelsie,
    I came over to introduce myself! Elizabeth and I are kindred souls....we both live with the same vintage colors and ideas....and now we have a third! :) I so enjoy your blog! ANd I love your kitchen corners!!!!! I am going to re vamp my kitchen, icky yellow wood cupboards are going to be painted white....and a fun vintage pantry/sidebpard is oing in withere is an ugly closet/pantry....I will be back...many times! Please come by and say hello! Sandy

  4. Wonderful eye candy! I adore the tea towel in the first picture. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi Leslie,
    I love these corners in your kitchen and all your wonderful vintage kitchen stuff! xo, suzy

  6. I love your kitchen and the way you have displayed everything! It appears we like a lot of the same things!