Monday, May 10, 2010

Buckets of Fun! Not!

Here is Max checking out all the commotion from upstairs. This is a favorite hiding place. He thinks we can't see him. What's all the noise about?
Our new favorite tool. Rented from Home Depot-and made short work of this messy job. What job you ask?
This is what we did all day Saturday. Ripped out our tile in kitchen, and entryway. We had 40 buckets of tile. I was pretty sore on Mom's Day, but felt good that we got it done. We are hiring someone to lay the tile(Thank Goodness). I don't think our backs would survive.
I'll show more pic's as this project comes to a close. Thanks for following along. Also thanks for some good advice and hints and your projects. That's what I am loving about blogging-I love hearing from you.


  1. Oh lucky you, you're getting a new floor! We desperately need on in the kitchen. That Max is adorable, and he looks tiny enough to fit in my pocket!
    Happy Monday!

  2. Oh! I'm sure I said it before but I love Max! Good gosh he's the cutest guy. woof woof!
    40 Buckets!!! That makes me heart well, come to a complete stop. ;) Boy, that's a scary looking tool but it sure seems to have done the trick for you. You guys are amazing! Hope you get to put your feet up now for a bit.
    Looking forward to following along and seeing the next step!

  3. I'm in love with Max. My goodness, what a cutie pootie!

  4. Max is a little doll baby! I want to cuddle him!

    Hubby and I do all our tile work too-- We've tiled our living room to kitchen and a long hall-- we have more rooms to renovate and do this summer. Tile is easy but physically hard-- I sure hope we never have to rip it out!!

    Bless ya'lls little tiling hearts!!