Sunday, September 5, 2010

This and That

Hi there! I' thought I'd share some of my thrifted finds of the week. I almost ran over another shopper when I spotted this across the store. A vintage tablecloth-worn on the edges, but still has great colors and can be used. $2.50!! Yeah! Below is a milkglass dish and I also found the pretty linen behind it. It's in great condition..75!!!
Last -these cute tole painted tiny trays. I love the colors on them. Not sure what I'll use them for yet-but I love them.

Thanks for all the lovely red comments! Painting the brass key holder red definitely won out. I'll share when I get it painted.
I'm playing along with Cindy at Rick Rack and Gingham on 8 questions that she asked. Check out her blog to see what others have answered.
1,Disaster is upon you-all your family and animals are safe-you have all the necessary papers and family albums. You can only fit 10 items into your car-what 10 do you grab?

My Blue and white quilt that my Great Grandma made, Family videos, geneolgy stuff, my Mother's charm bracelet, my old piano. I think everything else could be replaced.
2.You are in a store shopping for groceries-limited time-in a big hurry-you need to fix supper quick for a large group-what do you grab and fix?

Canned refried beans,hamburger meat, grated cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes and tortilla chips to make natchos. We have them all the time!

3.A memory of a car trip as a child? What did the car look like?
I remember in California, my parents driving about 150 miles out of our way to drive through the huge redwood tree called Wowona. I read a story about it in fourth grade. It's still there-but they don't let cars drive through it anymore. I can't remember what the car looked like, but I do remember-no Air Conditioning!

4.You have won a lot-I mean a lot of money! So much that you need an accountant to help with it- what are you going to do with it-whom do you help with it?

Once I knew my kids were set, I would probably go on a nice trip with Hubby, and then donate the rest to start a scholarship fund for kids going to music school.

5.What would you plant in a fall garden if you lived where the weather was garden friendly?
tomatoes,peach tree and avocado tree. I could probably live on those things!

6.A religious song that means a lot to you. What memory goes with it?

Amazing Grace. I used to play piano at an old Baptist Church out in the country and remember the older people singing their hearts out!

7.What has blogging meant to you?
I started blogging on a whim-I've always read alot of blogs and loved them. When I started getting comments and making blogging buddies everything changed. It is now a two way street-not just me putting stuff out there. I miss it when I'm away and look forward to posting and sharing stuff with everyone out there in Blogland.

8.Your favorite pie-color-candy-flower-season- and smell?
This is easy-chocolate pecan pie-(I live in Texas),color-RED,candy-anything with dark chocolate,flower-daisy-they are so cheerful,season-spring and fall,smell-cinnamon rolls baking the oven.

Hope you got to know me a little better. Feel free to answer any questions on the comments. I'd love to hear from you!


  1. First of all..if I had to give an award for the best goodwill..thrift would win hands down!! The things you find!!

    Now thank you for playing the question game.
    Yep nachos are a staple around here also!!I also drove thru that tree in 1968..and there was no a/c either in the station wagon! lol
    Amazing Grace..all time favorite!!
    I knew you would grab that quilt!!
    I haven't tried the chocolate pecan pie?!

    Thank you for being my blogging friend!! I found out this weekend now mom has to have her hip replaced again. The hospital in Colorado used cement instead of pins..and the cement is pulling away causing her soooo much pain. Nurse be called in again..!! Maybe then we can visit.


    PS.Has he left for school yet?

  2. Good morning~~~I had to come over and catch up on your posts. LOVE the reds!! You are such a good shopper! you always find the best deals around! I think the table cloth is so cute!
    Have a nice Labor Day.

  3. What wonderful finds! Love the colors in that vintage table cloth. I have a couple of those little tole trays and I use them all the time for snacks or whatever. So handy and cute!!

    Susan and Bentley