Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I have been looking for something to put over my headboard for (don't laugh) about 14 years. Not seriously looking, but you know- kinda keeping an eye out. I knew what I didn't want, but couldn't find the just right piece. Well, I thought of Etsy-I think of that more and more , and found this.Shabby, cracked and perfect. The curve is what I was looking for-here's my headboard and if I hold the piece next to it -the curve is exactly the same. Yea! So up it went.
Another piece I've had,actually a plate holder, we put in the bathroom and it's now a towel holder. That picture is from my Mom's Child's Garden of Verses.
I love when you can reuse something in a new way-I guess that's what repurpose really is,duh.
This is an old door trim piece that is now over the piano.
Last I had to share this bit-my new herb pot holding 2 kinds of basil, mint and cilantro. The cute red pot is from Walmart.
Still working away on different projects-I'll share as I finish. Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I always love to see how you create these simple yet beautiful vignettes. The little salt box house is darling. That is a great piece of architectural long do you think it will take me to find it? Smiles...Renee

  2. I'm completely in love with your vignette. Just like Renee said, that salt box house is fabulous. I can't get enough of little houses. Beautiful inspiring pics.

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Love your shabby vignettes!! Love the salt box and that cute green chair, too!! I have been keeping my eye out for one like that!! They are so sweet!! xo Heather

  4. I love that piece over your bed. Isn't it nice when you find just the perfect piece and you know it! I really like the door frame shelf and towel rack also. Very nice.

  5. Very creative use of that old headboard. You have a lovely home.

  6. Everything is beautiful!I love the piece over your bed!