Thursday, May 24, 2012

Take a Moment

I haven't done as much thrifting as I used to. I had to get rid of so much stuff when we downsized, I couldn't justify bringing in more stuff. But you know a girl can't stay away too long.I found this tall thermos at GW and put it next to one I already had. Love the combination.
I didn't get this at the thrift store, but at Half Price Books. I was selling back a bunch of books and walked out with this little treasure. As you know I collect Childs Garden of Verses, but I'd never seen or heard of these. When I got home I googled it, and there was a whole series of Bubble Books.
It has 3 tiny records-that are only grooved on 1 side. My book has all 3 in perfect shape. I guess someone read the poems so the kids could look at the page and hear it too.
Pretty amazing technology, especially for 1922! I love the illustrations and was so happy to add this to my collection.
Also found this lot of ribbon, but why I'm mentioning this is the previous owner had little double stick tape squares to hold the ends. So neat and tidy. There are lots of velvet ribbons and cute plaids and stripes. For the price of 1spool, you get 2 whole stacks-not bad.
Last I had to show the mini apple pies I made to take to a party. They came out kinda cute , but tasted really good,
It's the simple things,isn't it? Do take a moment to enjoy little things.
By the way, I love your comments-they brighten my day! Have a great day!


  1. Hi Leslie-
    There are so many cute things in your post!
    Your apple pies are darling! And I just love the Bubble Book! Isn't it so much fun to get on Google and look up your new "finds" to learn all about them?? That's my favorite part! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such beautiful eye candy on today's post. That book has such beautiful illustrations and to think that it's in such lovely shape still! How yummy do those pies look!!!!

  3. Such lovely treasures Leslie!! Love the Bubble Book, and the illustrations! Beautiful!! Your mini pies look so yummy!! Have a great day! xo Heather

  4. Just as sweet as can be. I adore your books and all the graphics. pie. Enjoy your holiday weekend...smiles..Renee

  5. Love the short yellow, plaid thermos! So adorable! Those mini apple pies made my mouth water!

  6. Fantastic Finds, I love the book & records!I wish I could taste,OK eat one of the delicious looking little pies! :)

  7. Those apple pies look YUMMY!! And your new finds are so fun! Love the thermos!!

  8. Oh no. I had no idea that Half Price had vintage books. I think I better stay away!
    Those mini apple pies look like they could be addicting. I'd love to make a meal out of them!

  9. Oh, I love visiting your blog! It has so many things that I love! You have found such a treasure in your Bubble Book Record! Just look at the darling graphics!
    And, just when do you find time to bake? My mouth is watering!
    Happy Tuesday, my sweet friend!
    Carolynn x x x