Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Gift From My Mom

I have been on a mission. I've been searching for clues to my family history since the spring when I discovered Geneology. Last week when we went to visit my Dad, I decided to search through pictures and papers for clues. My Mom was the keeper of the family history and she died 4 years ago, so it's up to me and the stories she told me. As I was looking I decided to take some of the pic's on the wall down so I could copy them to take home and I found a gift!
I never knew she took the time to label these old photos that were in frames. It was exactly what I needed and it was if she was talking to me through her handwriting. It may seem like a small thing, but it was huge to me! Some of the relatives I knew, but there were others who I was guessing at. SO I had fun taking all the pic's off the wall and checking out the labels on the back-from my Mom.

I found some little newspaper clips that will really be helpful on our upcoming trip to Illinois. We are taking the Graduate to school in Chicago and stopping in the town where my relatives lived in the early 1900's and earlier. I'm really excited to find out more and be close to relatives I never knew. I grew up in the Chicago area , but had never been to the little southern Illinois towns where my great grandma's family had 4 farms.
So, anyway I'll keep you updated on my search as it unfolds. Please take the time to label your photos. As a scrapbooker I know how important it is. I am going to go and label my pictures that are hanging on the wall. If you label the back of a snap shot try to use an archival pen-they are available at any craft store or scrapbook store. Don't use any tape or glue that isn't safe. You can see the damage that it can do in the above photo. Products will say acid free or archival safe to use.
I treasure these vintage photos and hope my kids will someday. At least they'll know who's in the picture!
Above are my Mom and Dad-looks like she was pregnant. Love the little smootch on the cheek.
Don't forget to label your pic's! You don't want your family history to end up in a shoebox in some antiques store someday, with people saying-I wonder who those people were...
Have a good day,


  1. You are so right about labeling photos. I have always made this a habit ever since I can remember. Luckily, my parents were alive to tell me who was in the old black and white photos they had. Great tip!

  2. How lucky you were to find this on the back!! Oh Leslie..I am so jealous...being adopted...I need to know my history..and it is dead end..after dead end..just bits and pieces. To see pictures of grandparents...know where you are from..nationality..what religion you would of you are very lucky!!


  3. What a discovery! Your mom was thinking ahead.
    How neat that you will be visiting the place of your ancestry.

  4. Your so right about labeling pictures!! You can see the result of not labeling at my post here.

    :) Michelle

  5. Hi Leslie!

    You lucky! How wonderful you found labels and names. I could throttle my mom for not labeling anything.

    My mother did have an Aunt who labeled a lot of her side of the family for her, so I'm blessed there. But even she sometimes lets me down - she used nicknames for some of the brothers and I've yet been able to decode who is Punch and who is (the other name that escapes me now), since as youths, they look so alike. WAH!