Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Red Books

When I was in Arkansas I went through some of my Mom's old books and brought a few back. I never realized how I'm attracted to red book covers.

I use them on shelves as platforms.
I love the different shades and sizes.
I didn't realize this may be a new collection starting. Oh no! Anyway- Happy Rednesday. Please join Sue at It's a Very Cherry World to see lots of wonderful reds. Have a good Wednesday!


  1. Yep, you started a collection and didn't even know it! And they'll look so perfect at Christmastime too. Your little red sewing machine looks so cute sitting on them!
    Happy REDnesday!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. You love cherries too! We have that in common...that and our love of a splash of red here and there. My mother and daddy live in Arkansas too, and I was thinking how pretty it probably is up there right now. It is time for a visit!

  3. Thanks for visiting. Love all the red books your found at your moms. The Danville that the scarecrows are in is a much smaller town in Indiana. Have a great week. Debbie

  4. That is usually what happens to me. I see one thing, then when I find it again, I have to buy it, and then, you see it again......and so a collection starts. Like the thermoses. These are fun and can be bought for cheap. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi Leslie!
    I love your red books! (we're all about green over here and I'm on the hunt for green books) I love them as platforms for other goodies. And oh my gosh, I know today isn't about your little sewing machine but I am besotted with it. So CUTE!

    Happy Rednesday,

  6. All lovely books...old books always get my attention...especially the red ones :)


  7. I like the way you use your used red books. A very nice post for today.

  8. I LOVE it!!!! I use books like you do also, and when I find me a red one,,you KNOW I'm going to pick that one

  9. I like to collect vintage books and I do the same thing at times and use them as display platforms! Red books are rarer than black or green so you have a nice collection ;)

  10. Good adds some

    have a good one,

  11. Great photos! I'll tell ya, it's a great thing to collect - I do it!

  12. They are wonderful pieces, definitely worth hanging on to.

    Thanks for stopping by last Wednesday.

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