Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back in One Piece

We made it back from the road trip to Chicago in one piece. It's a long drive from Texas! I worked on these 2 stitcherys from a pattern from Renees wonderful blog, My Vintage Mending.I had the tea towels from a garage sale-they still have the original price tag pinned on. Woolworths-6 for 49 cents. Don't you wish we could still get them at that price?
I've also been painting again. It seems like I always have a brush in my hand. I'll show the finished little cabinet soon.
We didn't have much time in Chicago and we took the dog, so couldn't do much. One thing I wanted to do was to find some of the places my parents lived and went to school in Chicago. I had this wedding picture and did a little detective work and was able to locate the church they were married in. They would have been married 62 years in August.
I found it- and it has been turned into a school. The door is the same. Even though I grew up outside the city I had never been by this church.
Took this out the car window. I remember waiting for the Good Humor Man in the summer every night and when I heard the song, I'd run in to ask for money to get an ice cream bar.
I was surprised that Good Humor is still going. It's kinda comforting that some things never change! Do any any of you have a fond memory of the ice cream man?
Thanks for all the comments on my kitchen hutch. I loved reading every single one! Have a happy day!


  1. Those are turning out amazing. I love the linens you are putting them on. These are the kind of wedding pictures I love. Capturing the moment not posed...smiles...Renee

  2. What a great road trip. Chicago is always so much fun and to have family memories associated with it, makes it even more special. Love the wedding picture of your parents. You lucky lady for finding such lovely linens for your stitching. Can't wait to see more of your painting.

  3. Isn't a memory from childhood the most wonderful thing to have!? The ice cream man was called "Mr. Frosty" and my grandpa used to give me a dime for a soft serve cone just like the ones at DQ now. I heard the music in my neighborhood and ran with my grandson to the truck. Back on the porch with three year old and a 'cheerio bar' he said, "I don't like chocolate. I only like 'nilla'! So much for my making a memory for him; jump in the car, off to McDonalds and soft serve. Boy looks at me and says, "I'm so happy!" 'Worth a million dollars!


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  5. Hi Leslie,
    Six for $0.49! hahahhahahhha, love that. I'll look forward to seeing your finished embroidery.
    A+ for donning your sleuthing cap and detective work - that's so wonderful you were able to find the church - such a great photo. What a handsome couple! My parents had been married 55 years when my mom passed away in '96.
    Oh my gosh, I loved the Good Humor Man! What fond memories I have of summer days and hearing the music and scrambling for change to get an ice cream. Shortly before I turned ten, we moved into a house in the Santa Monica Mountains (just little foothills) and I was so worried the ice cream man wouldn't come up the hill ;)
    Thank you for your kind thoughts re Father's Day - this will be the second one since my dad died. Last year is such a blur to me, I can't recall now what we did to mark the day.
    Please know I'm thinking of you and sending you lots of hugs on your first one without your daddy.


  6. Hi Leslie! You embroidery is beautiful, and I love the tea towel! It is going to be so pretty in your kitchen! ;) What a beautiful wedding photo! Love that the church is still there. So neat. xo Heather

  7. Hi Leslie!
    What a wonderful post! I enjoyed going along on your trip to Chicago. How sweet it must have been going to the place your parents were married so many years ago. And, the Good Humor truck...I can almost hear the tiney sound of the music getting closer and closer!
    Your hand embroidery is one more reason that I am gearing up to start on some new projects. I have pillowcases, tea towels and quilt blocks just waiting in the wings. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend!
    Have a great remainder of the week!
    Carolynn xo

  8. Glad you made it back from Chicago! My husband was born in Chicago but grew up here in California. Trying to catch up after the crazy busy end of the school year and I LOVE your new kitchen hutch. The knobs/handles are the perfect touch! So many fun things going on here. Glad I buzzed by.

  9. Can't wait to see your finished tea towels! I love embroidered linens! Alas, I grew up in a very rural area and the there was no ice cream man :( I love your hutch! The red's are so cheery!



  10. Oh your flower embroidery reminds me of a quilt top of flowers I stitched while driving across country. (Husband did the driving!)Such a lovely photo of your parents. Have a nice weekend ahead! Elizabeth

  11. That's lovely that you found the church -- what a great memory! Love the embroidery, and the linens -- I doubt that you could find anything for 6 for 49c nowadays!
    When I was a kid, the ice cream man rode a half bike with a freezer on the front!

  12. Your stitchery project looks so pretty! Renee has a wonderful blog, doesn't she!
    What a fun trip back in time the weekend must have been for you!
    The icecream man where I grew up was the "Kibom" man. He walked along the streets, pushing a big freezer compartment on wheels, full of popsicles. He'd ring the bell so the children would hear and come running. My favorite was lemon.

  13. Glad you enjoyed your trip! Great Pics! Your towels are so pretty!

  14. Hi Leslie! Thanks so much for commiserating with me over the excess of stuff! It can be so daunting and overwhelming.

    Lucky you, seize that opportunity! Hope your Auntie can provide you with lots of answers. I have one Auntie left ... well two, but the other has Alzheimer's. Could kick myself, I think I've waited too long. Crossing all appendages for you and wishing you lots of mysteries solved.

    Happy Tuesday!