Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Loose Ends

I've been trying to tie up some loose ends. Here are the promised pic's of the tea towels I showed you last week. Here's one hanging on my new hutch.The patterns were from My Vintage Mending, Thanks Renee!
I love to work in a single color-no changing threads-super easy and quick!
The cabinet I showed in progress from last week. I repainted, sanded and finished this, I still want to paint the knobs a darker green that will contrast more against the white.
I put in my Mom's set of nodders. I showed you some of them HERE, when they were back at my parents house. After my Dad died, I wanted a special place for them.
So I put the cabinet in my bedroom, because the bases are almost always pink and green(my bedroom colors) They were usually tourist souvenirs.
Each piece comes out and is a salt and pepper shaker. They balance in the base and can swing or nod back and forth. They are very kitchy and I am reminded of my Mom every time I look at them.
One last thing. I found this cute wire basket cloche thrifting with my son last week. But he did me proud. He found a practically new pair of Doc Martins-just his size! Awesome find, Son!
I loved, loved your comments from my last post! The different ice cream men in your different neighborhoods-wow! I think I'll go get a drum stick right now. Have a good week!


  1. Nodders? How cool are they!!!!! I especially like the kangaroos.. I don't think I have ever seen any like them. May I ask where you got the dish towels to do your embroidery? I want to find some with green in them to make for my sister. Yours look really great!



  2. What part of Chicago are you from? I grew up on the North Shore and I remember the Good Humor Man too. In Boise we have an ice cream truck but it's called Scarry Larry ~ not sure why. Anyway, I love your tea towels!!

    Susan and Bentley

  3. What a fantastic collection of nodders. I had never seen these before. So very special. Your dish towel turned out so well. I really need to learn how to stitch and sew. You and Renee do such lovely work.

  4. Cute nodder S&Ps! I've never seen them either. What a great collection to remember your mother by. I also love your embroidery work. You did a great job. It's fun to see one of Renee's patterns come to life!
    Erica :)

  5. Those are such fun Leslie! I've never heard of, nor seen, nodders before - thanks so much for sharing them with us.

    Love your towels and embroidery! I adore redwork. They're so darling with your hutch.

    Hurray for your son - Doc Martens are expensive! He's got his momma's eye! :)

    Happy week to you!

  6. Love your set of nodders. These are the kind of things we might never find again in collection with all the plastic out there....The red work is lovely...Reminds me to get moving on my stitching...smiles...Renee

  7. Your nodders are so pretty! I have never seen them before, so what a treat! Your red work tea towel is beautiful! Working in one color is fun! Hope your day is lovely! xo Heather

  8. It's all coming together so well! Really nice collection; I've never seen nodders either!


  9. I've just realized we both have Yorkies! Same age, same empty nest, love the piano - LOVE this post about nodders. I had never heard of them before. Your mother's collection is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing it. Your towels have turned out beautifully. I love finding the perfect place to display any new thing. Such inspiration to be found here! Elizabeth

  10. Oh, what a sweet post! Your hutch is so cottagey and the perfect place for your special treasures. You and your son did well thrifting!
    Thanks so much for sharing, my sweet friend!
    Carolynn xo

  11. Hi, Leslie,
    Thanks for stopping by and welcoming me back.
    That was so nice.
    I have been backtracking a little on your blog, and, oh wow! Who would have thought that thrift store hutch could be SOOOOOOO cute
    and vintagey looking. I just love it. You did a wonderful job. The red touches are just perfect. Love, love, love those towels. I have been wanting to make some myself.
    Love the picture of your mom and dad. He sure had a head full of hair. :)

  12. Hi Leslie!

    Thank you about my, um, blog transformation - I was a nervous wreck, thought I was going to lose everything for sure!!! Thankfully it turned out to be really easy - she says, after the fact and the panic attack ahhahhaha.

    I made the banner myself - I got the little cottage house a couple of years ago (?) and I just took (lousy) photos of all four sides. I couldn't figure out the tutorials I found for photo bars/mosaics - I ended up with a pinhead sized image or a gigantor sized image - so I did it my own, Sally way!

    Ay yi yi! My craft supplies are behind a wall of boxes from my parents house, so it was really fun trying to get down my embroidery floss boxes - I gave up after getting two of them down.

    I was thinking I'd make Charlotte Lyons darling birdie banner for my mantel but I have this awful feeling that it's on the tippy top shelf, which I can't get to these days. WAH!

    I really need life to get back to some kind of normal - weird normal is normal over here teehee but this is too much when I can't reach my craft supplies.

    I'm hoping to get around to 4th of July cards - I found this great vintage photo in my mom's things. Fortunately I can wing that without moving anything.


    Tomorrow is my husbands last day of school and then summer vacation WAHOO! Let the FUN begin ... and oh yeah, the going through of boxes whimper whimper.

    Happy happy almost weekend!

    Your blabbing friend :)

  13. Hi Leslie! Here's the yakker again! ;)

    I'm a complete know-nothing tech wise (and darn near everything else wise!) - can you give me an example of buttons, etc. that you'd like to add? Do you want buttons to other peoples blogs or something special for yourself? I'm weird, I enjoy searching for things and happy to stumble around looking for you.

    Hey! I just saw you're on Pinterest! I've been a Pinterest pinning fool for awhile now - quite obsessively. Took my mind off of the tough stuff going on. My boards are here: http://pinterest.com/wlaveggie/ if you want to look at how pathetic I've become hahahhaha.

    Hope you're having lots of fun with your son!

    Happy summer to all of you,

  14. Yes, please come on over and play! That would be so much fun. You can take old Route 66 all the way to me. :)

    Wow, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled - I don't think I've seen photos on the bar that has categories??? I'm sure blanking on it right now if I have but it sure sounds like fun. I wanted to add a category bar to my blog but then I remembered that I had only labeled a small amount of my posts - it would have been the "bar to nowhere"! ;)

    I will put on my "noticing things glasses" and keep a lookout for fun blog bar stuff for both of us.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment re my photo - I just love it, tugs at my heart. I also found a wonderful Halloween one - if I can just remember which box I ended up putting it in.

    Yes, it's so sad isn't it, when you don't know who the people are and what the stories are behind the photos. WAH!

    We're stalking the mailman, awaiting the arrival of my husbands grandmothers birth document from Manitoba. The Manitoba Vital Statistics clerk even called my husband and told him there are three types of birth documents you can request and she kindly told him which one gives the most info on it (and it wasn't the one he had requested), so he was able to switch and get the suggested one instead. So nice of them.

    We were so lucky to meet the woman from Family Search - she was from Manitoba and able to find my husbands GM online and that her name had been misspelled, causing us to not be able to find her.

    Happy weekend and happy crafting!

  15. Hi Leslie!
    Got your messages ... Bon Voyage to your son, the big lucky! Can he fit the both of us in his backpack? Where is he going in Europe?

    I want to go on a road trip on Rte. 66 - want to stay in those old funny funky motels - what's that one you always see? The Wig Wam or something - it's teepee's. Wouldn't that be fun?!

    Saturday we ran errands - I got some more threads for the birdie banner (which I found easily WAHOO!). & Sunday we went out to breakfast, then saw a matinee of "Moonrise Kingdom" - soooooo good if you like quirky indie movies - then out to lunch. There is also plan to diet shortly hahahhahaha.

    That's so great you were able to find stuff on Ellis Island and share it with your Dad. I know when my Swedish great grandfather arrived and I still can't find him. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, makes me crazy. Was there another port of entry???

    Happy Monday!

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