Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cute Things!

I made a hankie banner. I was so inspired by Renee's at My Vintage Mending I had to do one. I pulled out all my blue hankies and just strung them up on a ribbon. It looks so festive in my craftroom above the guest bed.
I won , I won! I was the lucky girl to win Elizabeth's beautiful creation on her latest giveaway at Creative Breathing.
He is the cutest thing ever. Look at that face and that cute little hat!
He's sitting on his little rocket that is constructed so wonderfully. E's workmanship and imagination are truly amazing!
I just love all the fireworks coming out the back. It is glittery and patriotic. Thank you so much Elizabeth for this cute little guy! He has a special place on my little red shelf.
I also received my hankie pocket from My Vintage Mending Shop on Etsy. It's so cute and again the workmanship is wonderful. What a great idea to use a vintage hankie to make this pretty little pouch.
I have it hanging in my craftroom too. The packaging that she did was the cutest! Thanks so much, Renee!
We had a wonderful weekend with my Auntie and Brother and Sister in law. There were a few events-mixed up flight schedule, huge rainstorm and AC breaking down for a day, but all turned out fine. All's well that end's well! Have a good week!


  1. Love your hankie banner! So sweet and creative!
    Hope you're having a great week! :)

  2. Your hankie banner turned out great! I've had that on my list of things to do forever! Better get it done.
    I'm so happy that you won Elizabeth's latest giveaway! It's darling, and you are deserving!
    Isn't Renee's work great? I want to have her make me some of her baskets/bins pretty soon.
    Hope you're having a great day. :)

  3. Your hankie banner is so cute, and I love that it can be made without harming the hankies in any way! I have lots of these, many of them my Grandma's, and they're just sitting in a box. What a great way this would be to remember her by!

  4. Your hankie banner is simply darling. It's always fun to see Elizabeth and Renee's special creations being loved and cherished. Sounds like a busy time with family.

  5. Your room is lovely and the addition of the banner just makes it!


  6. Oh I love it in a color pattern. That looks wonderful. You lucky duck to get that cute firecracker. E's creations are amazing. Glad you pocket made it there...Smiles...Renee

  7. Adore your hankie banner, so darling Leslie. (I especially love that you could just fold them in half into triangles one day and have a banner and the next, they could be back in your drawer or made into something else if you didn't want to commit!)

    OH! you lucky dawg! I soooooooooo yearned for Elizabeth's firecracker of a doggie. WAH! Congrats to you ... sniffle sniffle ... no seriously. ;)

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful time with all of your family! How did you survive without AC? Everyone seems to hit the beach or the mall here when the temperatures climb.

    Happy week to you!

  8. Leslie, We think alike! I too just hung a line for hankies and was perplexed when it sagged in the middle. I see from yours, it is suppose to! This is such a wonderful bedroom, I absolutely love the colors! So me! I'm so glad your Rocketeer arrived. He's found the perfect home! E

  9. Hi Leslie!
    Oh...How I love your hankie swag! It looks so sweet in your sewing room. Our dear Renee is so full of creative ideas! I love visiting her cute blog! Her handkerchief pocket is darling with it's charming rick rack trim.
    Three cheers for the red, white and blue...Oh, how wonderful for you to win Elizabeth's Giveaway! And, especially, with all the red on your blog. What an adorable little pup...and, just look at all the whimsical detail! Now, I just have to pop over to Elizabeth's blog to see more.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I have been collecting blueware for many years and most of my pretties are low cost...but, highly treasured to me.
    Have a wonderful week, my sweet friend!
    Carolynn :)

  10. Love your sweet hankies!! Elizabeth's creations are so adorable!! Miss Renee is quite talented, and I love the hanky pouch! Have a wonderful week! xo Heather

  11. You've got some cute stuff going on it that craft room! Elizabeth and Renee are both such creative ladies! And so are you, how cute that bed is with it adorable pillows! Glad you had a great weekend despite the mix ups!



  12. AWESOME WIN..he is just darling! Love the hankie banner and I must do that also...I have plently of hankies! Renee is a dear gal, just like Elizabeth! So many awesome gals in blogland!

  13. Hi Leslie!
    Thanks so very much for your sweet comment on my mom's stuff. Yes, it sure does make me feel so close to her when I sit with her things - I am overtaken by memories.
    We sure did see The Artist - I loved it too! The lead actors are so charismatic, aren't they?!
    Big three days coming up over here - tomorrow is the first day of the International (I think that's what they're calling it???) Quilt Show in Long Beach, Saturday is the Renegade Craft Fair and Pam Garrison is going to have a booth this time MAJOR WAHOO and Sunday we go see a Shakespeare play, As You Like It.
    So today is a puttering around the house day and be lazy day in prep for the three days of fun! ;)
    Are you pooped out after your family visit? Or perhaps rejuvenated and recharged? I keep meaning to ask you if your other children live nearby?
    Happy crafting and almost weekend!

  14. It's me again, I'm like the thing that will not go away hahhahhaha! Thanks so much for your input on keeping stuff. There have been moments where I thought perhaps it might have been easier if I had been forced to let everything go but I know that wouldn't really be the case. It is heartbreaking to give away things you have memories attached to or that were so very special to your parents. I'm so glad you were able to bring home your mothers dining room set, what a treasure and filled with so many memories.
    I've done exactly the same thing - I took pictures of the contents of the house and things I knew I was going to give away, so I do have that. Dunderhead that I am, I forgot to take pictures of my brothers bedroom and mine, his especially unchanged after all the years (except for the creeping in of my parents mountain of stuff). And I didn't get a photo of my canopy bed, what a dodo head. It does appear in a childhood photo thankfully.
    I have been taking photos of some of the things we brought home but not all. Thanks so much for the reminder to take more!
    I'll be thinking of you at the quilt show - they have lots of fabric booths and pattern booths (fraught with DANGER to ones pocketbook teehee!), on top of the wonderful quilt exhibition. The Renegade Fair is more for the young whippersnappers, lots of TShirts, etc. but still a few fun booths for us old decrepit crafty types to enjoy too. ;)
    Happy Thursday!

  15. Love your sweet hankies, wonderful creations, both gals are just divine! :) xo Holly

  16. Lovely!

    ciao bella
    sensible sarah

  17. Love your sweet hankie banner !Congrats on your wonderful wins ! That doggie on the rocket is so cute!

  18. Your guest bed is so pretty with the quilt and embroidered pillowcases! Those are two of my favorite things! Elizabeth makes the most adorable things, doesn't she! And Renee too. Love the sweet little hankie bunting! Really gives your room a festive air. Aren't we lucky girls to live in a time when we can share so many fun and creative ideas through blogs?

  19. Love, love, love your hankie banner. I have to go in to visit my sister soon so I can raid my mother's hankie collection.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. Love this room... and all the cute things. The fire cracker is adorable...
    I also keep thinking I'm going to make one of those hanky-banners... Your's inspires me!