Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paper Doll

I've been busy working on a new to me project. I'm thinking of calling it Carolines Closet. I've been so inspired by all the vintage paper dolls out there in Blogland. I used to have tons of them, and also used to make my own. I thought I'd make one for you.I am working on converting the image so I can share it with you all. (Computer stuff is not my forte).
You can copy and color her. I used colored pencils, but you can use what ever you have.
After you color you can cut out the outfits. Her she is ready for the first day of school.
Ready for those cold days ahead.
After school Caroline comes home and changes into her play clothes. How many of you remember that?
Gotta get dressed for those fall rainy days.
I'm also working on embroidering some of the outfits.You could use the pattern with scrapbook paper to make little tags. Just cut off the tabs. I'll show you more as I go. I have lots more ideas for clothes. I was so excited I couldn't wait to share. Please bear with me until I get the images on PDF for you.
I want to announce a sale in my Etsy Shop. Everything is 20% off until next Monday. You enter the code SALE1 in the box at checkout. So run on over and check it out!
The weather is still hot here in Texas, but you can feel a little change in the air. Hope it 's cooling down for you, and hoping for the best in the hurricane areas! Have a happy day!


  1. I have had such fun catching up Leslie. I smile each time I see a post of your cute kitchen. My colors for sure! Your toadstool with the little acorn light is such a clever idea. Creativity can always be found here. Such fun! Elizabeth

  2. So cute is she!! Love all the different outfits, and especially the embroidered ones! xo Heather

  3. It's cute how you have them hanging on the wall with the twine!

  4. How adorable!!! I remember my sister and I playing with the McCall's paper dolls when we were young. I don't think our girls ever did play with paper dolls. I've got to rectify that with our grandkids! Computer stuff isn't one of my strong points either.

  5. Love the doll and clothing. I had an outfit just like the one with jeans and shirt. I wore it for my first grade photo. The shirt was red and white check and the jeans had lined cuffs with the same fabric. I also had one with a blue and red plaid. I think my mom bought the red and white one and made me the blue and red plaid one. I loved those little outfits.

    Looking forward to downloading the images. I know what you mean about computers.

  6. You do everything so well, Leslie. I so admire people that can draw! Your paper doll is so sweet, and reminds me of the hours I would spend playing with mine. I still have alot of them, and pull them out from time to time and change their clothes!

  7. How fun! Your paper doll is just darling. I'm off to etsy store. That toadstool zipper bag is calling my name!

  8. So, so cute and I love the embroidered doll! I sure remember having to change in to play clothes! I still change into my 'play clothes' when I get home. he he :)

  9. Love little Caroline. She is as sweet as can be.
    Thanks for showing us what you've been up to lately.

  10. So cute Leslie! You are one busy bee! I feel like such a slothful do-nothing in comparison. WAH! You've really hit your creative groove, such fun to follow along on your journey and see your ideas take shape.

    I am literally counting pennies and all other denominations of change over here - this is day three - day one gave me such a bad headache that I had to go to bed OUCHERS. My mom had an organized coin collection and also a very not-organized collection - just a mass of coins thrown in bags and boxes. Ay yi yi.

    Happy crafting and lots of fun over the Labor Day weekend!

  11. I can remember playing with my paper dolls for hours. I loved cutting out all their clothes and dressing them. I don't think little girls of today play with paper dolls anymore and it's a shame. Your paper dolls are cute. They remind me of the Campbell soup kids.


  12. So cute. I love paper dolls. Do you remember the Mary Englebreit magazine? They used to have paper dolls in the back. Anyway, thanks for stopping by today and leaving me a comment about the plastic on the cooktop. Sorry it didn't address your issue. Hope you find a solution. Have a great weekend!

  13. Oh, Leslie! You are so incredibly gifted. How I wish I could draw. Your paper dolls are adorable! I loved them as a girl...They were good church dolls because they were quiet.
    Have a great weekend, my friend,
    Carolynn xo

  14. Your paper dolls are amazing! How I wish I could draw. I used to cut new clothes for my paper dolls from wrapping paper and decorate it with glitter. I still have them even though they are certainly worse for the wear!



  15. Your paper dolls are so cute. I am just in love with paper dolls.

  16. Your Caroline is sooooooo sweet! Love this new project you are working on!!!