Monday, February 4, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

I finally finished. Here is the after of the kitchen cabinets. I'll take you through it quickly.
Here's the before. No hardware and hohum cabinets that were kind of dark. I have no window in the kitchen area.
First I painted the bottoms. I had doors all over the place. I sanded, cleaned, primed both sides of the doors and did 2 coats on the backs and 3 coats on the fronts. I used Benjamin Moore Advance Decorator White and I loved it. It has a really long dry time, but flattens out any roller marks as it dries.Then you wait 3 days for it to cure-yes I said 3 days!

Put the lowers back together and started all over on the uppers.

Put them back and added the hardware. 
Hardware was bought on the internet through Amazon. Cheaper then big box prices.
It really brightened up the kitchen. It also made a more neutral background. Was it worth the mess for 2 weeks and the back aches? Totally worth it. This is the 3rd house that I've painted the cabinets in and I think the BM paint was the best. I used  Young House Love for a refresher on painting. Check this video out if you are thinking about doing your cabinets.
I'm so glad I took the plunge. Not much of an investment moneywise-just time, but the results speak for themselves.I still have some tweaking to do-staging it better, but now I can enjoy it.I'm still painting-some small house fix-ups, but I'm so glad this big project is done. I'm joining Cozy Little House for Tweak it Tuesday. Check out some other projects at Brenda's. Hoop you all have a good week!


  1. What a difference!!! It's like night and day and just opens up the whole space. You have such nice high ceilings and open space on top of the cabinets (that I'm coveting) just perfect for displaying your vintage collections. Now you can kick back and admire your handiwork. Love it!!

  2. I love them you did a Great job!!! sure makes everything seem bright and fresh :)

  3. It's lovely! It totally changes your kitchen!


  4. So beautiful!!! Love how it brightens your pretty kitchen!! Happy cooking and baking! xo Heather

  5. Forgive me...

    I am playing catch up...
    I love the white cabinets. We did this 2 years ago and i am so happy with mine!!

    Great job!!


  6. Love it. I did something similar to my kitchen. It makes it all look brand new for a fraction of the cost. Great job.

  7. What a gorgeous transformation. The color really does lighten up the room wonderfully. Beautiful job, Leslie. Thanks for all the tips. Love your hardware choice too.

  8. Fabulous! That's a lot of painting, girl!

  9. They look wonderful Leslie! So much work, I know, but sooooo worth it. Your red really pops now and I love the hardware! Enjoy while you recover! :)

  10. Your cabinets look just beautiful! We painted the cabinets in our old house - and I just loved how they brightened up the kitchen. I want to do the cabinets in our new house, but hubs says, "no". He doesn't often say "no". LOL! I might have to work on him! It's good to know about the paint that flattens out the paint strokes - I had no idea there was paint like that!

  11. AWESOME!!! Nice job and you did more than "tweaking"!

  12. Hi Leslie! Your kitchen is lovely either way - says the woman stuck with an original 1950 shoe box kitchen WAH!!! That being said (and having finished crying and being pea green with envy over here hahahhahha), I love your white cabinets! And what a busy and determined soul you are! I would not have made it through one coat, on one set of doors, let alone the entire kitchen and all that drying time, etc. I bestow upon you the You Blow My Mind Award, in perpetuity or whatever the saying is! ;) You done good girl, love it! I'm curious, do you guys buy houses and redo them and flip them?
    Happy week to you! xo

  13. Hi again! WHEW! I am rather glad you don't flip houses - I would faint and possibly fall down dead just thinking about all that fixing-upping going on. ;) I may never ever get my house remodeled after barely retaining my sanity over my fathers house "update" remodel (so that I could lease it out - he had let it go and it was in terrible shape). BOO HOO! Oh well, such is life, huh?!

    I will live vicariously through you. :)

    I was going to say Happy Monday - the husband had a three day weekend and I'm all discombobulated now.


  14. The white cabinets sure brightened your kitchen! You did a great job with the color change and I know you will enjoy it more now!

  15. Wow, your cabinets look great! I'm too scared (and kinda lazy, lol) to do mine. Wanna come over and help? ;-)

  16. It's like night and day. What a difference. I love it! Love the hardware too. I bet you're so happy you did it. You did an excellent job.

    xo Danielle

  17. Hi Leslie,
    Oh...What a beautiful transformation. Your old cabinets look like mine. How I wish mine were white, too. You did an amazing job and you have added so much light to your kitchen. Now all your red pretties will doubly pop!

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments, my friend. This past month has been a long one. We are all so grateful for our little grandbaby. He is a sweet and soft spoken little fellow.
    It's good to be home...and, after I get over this flu I have lots of fun projects just waiting in the wings.

    Carolynn xoxo

  18. Your kitchen redo looks fabulous! Love the new knobs and pulls, too. What a huge, time consuming job! I hate it when things take sooo long to dry. We painted ours years ago when we first moved into this house, and now they are starting to look kinda scuffed up, but I don't want to paint again!

  19. Wow, I have not visited for a while . . . you have been busy.
    Your kitchen is wonderful.
    I love all of your delightful red vintage finds.
    You're an inspiration:)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  20. Your kitchen looks great. The hard work was well worth it.

  21. Great job on those cabinets. I bet it's much brighter too. xoxo,Susie

  22. Hey,
    I haven't posted for a while, but I wanted to tell you how much I love the redo. Such an improvement. I think I'm going to go stainless steel appliances next time, too.