Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine Pillows

Valentine How-to-

. Here is a simple version of how to transfer a valentine onto an embroidery picture. You may use this vintage valentine or any image that has simple lines to it. I scan my image and enlarge it to about 5" across, or how ever big you want your image to be.I usually go over the main lines with a thin marker, so when you trace the design it will show through. I don't transfer every line in the valentine. Just the outside and a few details.
I use a light box, and a fabric marker. You can also tape your fabric up to a sunny window. I use white cotton light weight fabric. Take your time drawing, and hold or tape the fabric and paper down.
I use a straight stitch, because I can get alot of detail. Don't be afraid to omit or add details. It's your own creation. I added color to the girl on the left. I use crayons and color lightly, and iron over it to set it. I do this before embroidering. I haven't finished these yet. I need to get some trim, and then I'll sew on a back square and have my little Valentines pillows.
I love doing this kind of project, because it's portable and once you've drawn on your design, you can just take your time. I added some matching fabric strips and trims. I'll show you my finished pillows later. Give it a try with the valentine above, or try one of your own. Have fun, and if you make one, I'd love to see it. I'm joining It's A Very Cherry Word for Rednesday. Go over to see some more fun reds!

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