Thursday, May 12, 2016

Odds and Ends

Look at the pretty butterfly. He's having a little lunch on the delphinium.
 He just flitted around so I could take pictures of him. Isn't that flower a spectacular color?
 Hubby cut out the hole in the seat of the ice cream parlor chair, so the purslane sits in the chair.
 Another delphinium. I absolutely love that shade of purple.
 Little shasta dasies came back this year.
 Finally added a pot of petunias on the old milk can.
 I made an umbrella cover. I was so sick of having to buy new umbrellas every few years. In the hot Texas sun my red umbrella faded to pink pretty quickly. Hopefully this gives it a little protection. I just added little velcro dots, so it is easy to take off when I want to open the umbrella. I used my coupon at Joanns to by outdoor fabric. Kinda looks like Dr. Suess's  Cat in the Hat.
 Another little project. The wires under the desk. I have lived with them for 5 years.
 I bought a few of these and I'm in love with how they work. I used them to secure the surge protector to the underside of the desk.
 Corraled all the loose wires. Too bad I can't make the modem disappear!
 One more look.
Alot of randomness going on this week. Hope yours is a good one!


  1. Leslie - Your flowers are gorgeous! I love your umbrella cover - so cute!!


  2. Random posts are my favorite! And, you're right, that color is amazing! So vibrant! Command products work miracles. I use them in my classroom for lots of things. Love the umbrella cover! Too cute! Happy Firday and weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky

  3. Blue delphiniums are one of my favorite flowers and the butterflies seem to agree! I planted some last year and they're about 2 inches high right now. Our umbrella is pale green and it was forest green when we bought it. You've come up with a very clever idea for yours, and I love the Cat in the Hat Stripes! Our computer wires are a big fat mess, but since they're in the man cave, I just try to ignore them. Enjoy your warm sunny warm weather, Leslie!

  4. Love the photo of the butterfly in the delphinium. Leslie! Also, your cute metal ladybug looks so happy in your daisy patch. Doesn't your chair look perfect planted with purslane?! The umbrella cover turned out so cute, and what a great job of hiding those cords! Happy weekend to you!

  5. ooo, love those purple/blue flowers...and the butterfly...and of course, now I am on the lookout of a cute chair to do this same thing with...looks sooo cute.

  6. Random is my life right now. Your parlor chair is adorable. Love that idea. Genius ideas on this post! I know your TX heat isn't fun, but it's been so darn unseasonably cold in MI. I'm so ready for warmer weather!!

  7. Little touches make ALL the difference! I also adore your ice cream chair. :) Have a wonderful flower filled week.

  8. Hi Leslie, your flowers are beautiful and you captured the butterfly beautifully. Love the bright colors and your ice cream parlor chair is charming with the purslane. Great job with the cords. Have a great week. Stay dry.

  9. Thank you, Celeste. I'm enjoying the garden so much this year. I love taking pictures of different flowers and things outside. You have a great week too!

  10. Leslie, I just came across a note that I made to myself a long time ago about your laundry room -- maybe I found it on Pinterest? I don't remember. Imagine my surprise when I came over here this morning and saw your last post with an update:) We're in a new house now, and I have a laundry room in the basement, so looking for ways to spruce it up. By the way, I have the very same sampler that you made -- I made mine when I was about the same age! Such a great idea to put it in my laundry room, along with some other family needlework that needs a home. I love your blog!

  11. I'm so jealous of your delphinium! I tried planting some in my garden but they were eaten by slugs! Yours has the most gorgeous colour!

    1. We'll see if they keep growing, I hope so. So far -no slugs. Thanks for coming by, Magali. Have a good week!