Thursday, June 9, 2016

My First Trip to Seattle

We went on a trip to Seattle to visit oldest son.. I had never been there. What a great city!
 Got to see Pike Place Market. Hustle and bustle.Food, flowers, fish and anything you can think of.

 A wall of hot sauce on one of the shops. So colorful.
 Beautiful flowers all over the city. This was a huge wall of rock with succulents and trailing flowers stuck in the cracks. It was beautiful.
 Snoqualmie Falls out of the city. Breathtaking.
 A massive tree. The trees were gorgeous. I can see why they call it Emerald City.

 We ate and ate and went to breweries, saw many wonderful sites, beautiful greenery,saw beautiful views and wonderful neighborhoods of the city and did I say we ate. The best part was getting to see son in his new city. I loved it and can't wait to go back.
I'll leave you with a pic of my morning glories in bloom. They've reached the top of the trellis already. There are white, pink and purple all mixed in one plant. It is summer here and getting hotter each day. Hope you are having a great week.


  1. Leslie - Isn't it a beautiful place? I had never been there until two years ago. My sister and I plus nieces were going on an Alaskan cruise and we sailed out of Seattle. We went several days early and went sight seeing. I loved it. Did you go to the Chiluly museum? If you didn't, you must go next visit. I certainly plan on going back to that gorgeous city. The flowers were amazing.


  2. I would love to go there, thanks for sharing your visit with us. Plus Seattle is home to the Seahawks, we're huge Russell Wilson fans because he's from Richmond (so are we :)

  3. We fell in love with Seattle, too. Loved going up in the Needle and loved all the street dancers...

  4. What a glorious trip you had! You saw so much more than I did on my one visit. It is truly a delightful place. I adore your morning glories.

  5. Leslie, isn't Seattle beautiful? It looks like it wasn't raining when you were there....when we were there it poured the whole time but that didn't stop me from realizing how gorgeous it is. I remember seeing moss growing on people's roofs!! How fun for your son to be in such a vibrant city. :)

    We missed you at the blogger gathering. I think Joyce will host another one in February. Judith was talking about having a Christmas gathering at her house.

  6. I just finished reading a book set in the Seattle area. I would love to visit there someday. That waterfall is breathtaking.

  7. Rich and I saw just a little of Seattle after our Alaskan cruise several years ago. You saw so many pretty sights, that it is making me want to go back. I know the best part was seeing your son, Leslie.
    Your morning glories look gorgeous. Mine never recovered from the hail that we had.
    Happy weekend to you!

  8. Hi Leslie, Your trip to Seattle looks amazing. I know it is an amazing place and just passed through many years ago. Great pics you share and wonderful pic of your boys too. So glad you enjoyed a good time.
    Your morning glories are gorgeous. Mine didn't do well at all. I may have to try planting the seeds again.
    Have a nice weekend.

  9. How wonderful that you were able to travel to Seattle. It's been ages and my girls have never been. It's on the bucket list in the future!

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