Monday, September 19, 2016

Hoping for Fall, but Feeling like Summer

Here's a little peak at some of my fall decor. You'll have to come back on Oct.6 to see the full tour. I'll be part of the Fall in Love With Texas Fall Blog Hop.
 I added some vintage spice tins in fall colors to my antique scale. Found the vintage thermos at the thrift store and how perfect are those colors for fall?
See the little wool acorns I made? I glued on real acorn tops.

 This is what it is like outside today in North Texas. 98 degrees! The sweet potato vine has gone crazy. I can't wait for the temps to drop-I'm thinking soups, chili, plaid blankets, cool nights and pumpkins.
 My morning glory has gone over the fence into the neighbors yard and is peaking back through to our side.
I kinda want to plant these all over the place, because it has been so fun watching this grow, and grow, and grow! I will miss it when the weather finally does cool down.
What do you think of when you think fall? I hope you are enjoying the season.


  1. Fun fall things on the scale :) Fun tins. Fall is my Favorite season.

  2. Hi Leslie, love the fall look with the scale. Your garden is amazing. The morning glory is gorgeous and I bet your neighbor thinks so too. My potato vine is also stilll going crazy!! The purple hasn't bloomed for me yet.
    Have a good week and lets hope for cooler temps soon. Happy fall. xo

    1. Thanks, Celeste. Let me know if your sweet potato vine blooms. I'll be watching mine for sure. Happy Fall to you too!

  3. i am trying my best to decorate for fall but with 93 degrees outside, IT IS HARD...summer flowers still in bloom makes it hard to put fall decos out....
    I am on the tour, too, so we'll run into ea other...:)

  4. Our potato vines from our window boxes have completely taken over our back deck too. Maybe I should do something with them for Halloween? Love all your fall decor. I can't imagine still having 98 degree temps. Yikes. Thinking fall thoughts!

  5. I just love your style, Leslie, and your Fall vignette looks perfect! That thermos and your adorable handmade acorns just add such charm. I look forward to seeing more next week on the tour.

  6. We are enjoying some fall days again here in Austin. I hope these temps will stay this time around. '-)
    Love your thermos find and the vignette on the scale. Looking forward to your tour.

  7. Leslie, can you add a Pin button so we can add some of these to our boards? Thanks!