Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To School and Home Again

I'm joining Sue at It's a Very Cherry World for Rednesday!
School started here on Monday. We are getting my youngest ready for college in a few weeks. Don't you love all the school supplies?
Since I teach piano at home I always do a little welcome back vignette. The little toy typewriter is from Marshall Fields store in Chicago. I couldn't pass this up on Ebay since my Mom used to work there.
The other school supplies have been collected-Avon School desk, ink bottle, water colors, flashcards and vintage crayons.
This little book was found at Goodwill. I definitely have mixed feelings about school this year, but I can't wait for autumn weather!


  1. I know you are really miserable!!It will be allright..he will get to come home for breaks won't he? I sure hope so!!Just think you have raised him up to be a fine young man..who will draw on the teachings you have bestowed on him thru the years!!
    sounded good huh...nah..I would be bawling and squalling right now..my baby.....yes just keeping it real. I will be praying for you tho..and I am here if you want to cry or yell..or just laugh.

    hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. As a retired teacher I adore school supplies. I love your back to school display. The typewriter is wonderful. My heart will always sing with joy when school starts.

  3. I love your vignette!Fall is my favorite time of the year !

  4. As a home schooler... we love school decor around the house...I love the vignette you did up for your students!

  5. i love the red typewriter! i also collect vintage school books and red and white enamelware!

  6. Awww-- he'll always be your baby. Cute Cute school items-- love the litte book-- I can't pass up vintage books-- I must give them a home.

  7. i'm a first generation californian...most of my family on my dad's side was born in texas...back to the republic days...so i have dr pepper in my blood! ;)

  8. Hi Leslie!
    Oh! You have the cutest stuff and the best eye! Love everything. An added bonus, the mention of Marshall Fields which evokes memories of yummy Frango Mints for me. (where did they originate, Frederick & Nelson's in Seattle or at MF's??? My muddled brain doesn't remember.)
    I think that's so wonderful you're a piano teacher, I so regret never learning an instrument. My parents never encouraged my brother or I to take lessons. WAH!
    Hoping your son settles in easily and wishing you a great new year with your pupils.

  9. Hi Leslie~That is the cutest little vignette!! I love the little typewriter!
    The Tattered Tassel

  10. What a cute vignette! I love the old books!

  11. Hi Leslie, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your little vignette is so sweet. I'm sure your piano students love it and I bet you are a wonderful teacher too if you would take the time to set that up for them.

  12. Love the Red typewriter - used to have one just like it!

    Great blog - and hope you have a great week too,

    btw My Rednesday post: “Can you give me directions?” Do stop by!

  13. I just adore that vignette and you have given me an idea to do for my own back entrance for my daycare children when they walk in the door to start their day! A piano teacher? Awesome. I used to play piano for quite some time when I was younger (14 years)...sigh...the wild teen in me gave it up and also being able to be a teacher myself...

  14. Great display for both rednesday and back to school!

  15. What a great old typewriter! and an adorable arrangement of school goodies. Thanks for the visit and the sweet comments!

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