Monday, August 2, 2010

Around the World

I'm usually a vintage kind of gal, but found this pretty asian cloth at a garage sale over the weekend. It's got beautiful pieces of fabric kind of patchworked together. It's not old, but kind of feels old. I will probably use it in a tablescape someday.
Close up of fabrics. I love the butterflies. Below are a few pic's my son took in Europe. It's interesting to see stuff from a kids point of view.
Here he is in front of the Berlin Wall. I love the murals.
He started in Germany, went to Holland, Belgium and ended in France. Quite a trip! He worked and saved the money and had a wonderful time.
Inside Notre Dame.
Love this shot-he said on the hour the Eiffel Tower goes crazy with lights and sparkles!

Wow! Anyway -that's my taste of world travel!


  1. I've always been attracted to those kinds of fabrics, and especially Indian saris! Can't wait to see what you'll do with it.
    What a handsome son you have, and I admire him for saving money to take what was probably the trip of a lifetime!
    Happy Monday!

  2. Hi Leslie!
    Your son is such a handsome young man. Love the long hair - memories of the sixties and seventies flood back. I dated several guys who had hair to their waists, longer than my hair.
    I think it's so wonderful he was able to go to Europe and how terrific that he did it for himself. I can tell he is quite the special young man.
    Your cloth is lovely and fascinating! Do you have any Asian or Indian inspired plates or serving ware? I'll look forward to seeing how you use your new cloth.
    Happy week to you!

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