Sunday, November 25, 2012

Homemade Ornaments

I've made a few ornaments over the years.  We just got our tree up, so I thought I'd share some of them with you.
Some are from kits. I can't believe I stitched this entire ornament! 

Some we all sat down and made together. This is my favorite bread dough ornie.

 The all time favorites are the ones that I give each year to my boys. Sometimes I buy them, but they really look forward to the homemade ones. When my son went into Northwestern I did this little guy. See his little Ipod. He also has a backpack on.
This is his art work that I copied. and stitched.
I try to remember something important that happened during the year.This was a poster drawn by son number 1. Love that birdcage.
This one is my other sons CD cover back and front that he designed. I copied his artwork.

Number 2 son is a pie maker so this will be his this year. It's in a little metal pie tin.I always put the year on each one.
This tradition has become rally important to the boys. They like to put their own ornies up on the tree.
  I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. We sure did-ate too much though. I've been decorating for Christmas this weekend and will start showing my decor. I found these 2 scrappy quilt tops at an estate sale last weekend. Not sure what I'll be doing with them yet. Aren't they happy looking?
I have a Santas workshop going in my craftroom. Making recipe scrapbooks and ornaments.I hope you have a fun and creative week.


  1. There's no doubt about it, homemade ornies are always the best!

    You've really had some great luck since you started going to estate sales, and those quilt tops are such a good find!

  2. Love your homemade ornaments for the boys. What treasures. I can't wait to do more crafting with the girls. It's been a lovely break full of playing and decorating.

  3. Oh wow! Each ornament is so cute and special! I think it's great that this has become such a tradition for your boys!
    Your new quilt tops are fabulous! Have fun decorating!
    Erica :)

  4. What wonderful memories are attached to each of those ornaments. They are certainly "family treasures". Those quilt tops are lovely. I'm anxious to hear how you use them. I have two sitting in my cedar wardrobe. Can't decide what to do with them. Maybe you will inspire me.

  5. Your homemade ornaments are so much fun! I see your artistic side has been passed down to your children, too. We added a new or homemade ornament to the tree for both of our girls every year, and now I've started that tradition for our grandchildren, too. I better think up this year's ornament!

  6. Leslie - What precious and dear ornaments. So neat that you put the year on each one. Love your quilt tops too!!


  7. What great tradition!! Love your handmade ornaments...a talented lady!!


  8. That star shape is going to lead to something amazing, I can feel it! Happy Holidays my southern friend! It's going to be 6 degrees here overnight; it's Christmastime!

  9. Not only are you extremely talented, you've passed it on to your gifted children! I love their artwork! How sweet of you to copy it for their ornies. I can't wait to see your decorations! :)

  10. Hi Leslie,
    Your ornaments are so darling and all the memories must come pouring out when you unwrap them each year! I love that you make them for your boys - do you have three boys or two boys and one girl? Sounds like three boys. Sorry, my old brain gets confused. DUH! How fun they're all in creative fields for their careers. (I know the youngest is in college but I think you said that music is his thing too?) You must be so thrilled for all of them.
    I thought of you on Thanksgiving. We went to my cousins house and my aunt's best friend (of 70 years!), Elaine, was there and at 89, she's still performing, playing her cello. And her husband was a well known pianist I gather. He worked for lots of the famous TV shows of the 50's, when there was only live music. It was a lot of fun to hear her talk.
    Happy Monday! xoxo

  11. Love all your pretty ornaments and how you stitched their artwork! Those quilts are gorgeous! Happy creating and decorating!! xo Heather

  12. Wow, You're so creative to be able to create ornies from your son's artwork! They are adorable! Love your quilt finds also!
    I'm your newest follower!
    sandy ;)

  13. I like all your ornaments. I made some many years ago from a kit and stuffed them with cotton. My granddaughter has them, but they like the shiny ones. As talented and creative as you are, you will have no trouble with the quilts. That little pitcher in blue is the love of my life. My great grandson that lives in Haslet. Always enjoy when you drop by.

  14. Oh it is all so yummy here. I love the idea of creating an ornament. I always sign mine with the year. That is what you call the mess in my room...Santa Workshop! Love it..smiles..Renee

  15. oh my what lovely ornaments..home made are the best :)

  16. Wow! Your ornaments are all tiny works of art and I imagine they are all something your sons will cherish forever. The bread dough ornament reminds me a phase my mother and I went through one year -- we made bunches of them. :-)

  17. You make beautiful ornaments. I can remember making salt dough ornaments with my grandmother one Christmas. Those ornaments are wonderful reminders of your family's memories.


  18. Thank you for sharing so many lovely photos. The vintage Thanksgiving photo is so precious. I have many of those myself.
    Your home looks so inviting!!!
    Sampson & Lorrie

  19. You are very good with your needle. I liked your assortment of ornaments. Smiles to you, Susie

  20. Your ornaments are great. I have done that with my son since he was little.

  21. How fun is that???? You do beautiful work!! I love to sew, but hand done stuff is out of my league!
    We are all musicians (I was a band/choir director and also taught piano). My oldest son set out to be an orchestra conductor, so for the last 30 years or so, I have given him a "conductor" gift. It is really becoming difficult to find something that he does not already have!!
    Blessings to you and yours,

  22. I just reread your post Leslie - I love that you're making recipe scrapbooks for gifts. Are you using your favorites or old family recipes? Sounds like so much fun, please share them with us and of course your ornaments too. Can't wait to see what you've made.

    Hoping one of these days to get my creative mojo going again!

    Happy Wednesday!

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  24. Leslie, these handmade ornaments you created for your boys are wonderful!! A great family tradition! I really enjoy making ornaments to share, too.
    Some of your stitching projects remind me of the things that Claire has been making recently... Have you met Claire at "Sweet Birdy Love" yet? (you'll find her on my sidebar)

  25. I love making handmade ornaments, and it is such fun to give them as gifts. Hugs, Diane

  26. Leslie, this post makes me smile. I can tell from your words how very much your sons love you and the traditions you have created for them.
    Your laundry room post was so inspiring! The little cabinet painted white is so cute! Ideas aplenty to be found here!
    Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth