Monday, April 15, 2013

Garden Corner

I went antiquing last week and found these cute cards. Some of you crafters may be able to use these.

I love this one because it folds back and you have his front side and back side. Could make a cute paper doll.
Here is the before of our little garden corner. We, mostly Hubby, dug out the grass and the clay soil. What a job. 
Last weekend we spent outside. We added good dirt and fixed our sprinkler system and started to plant the corner. We are not gardeners, but I'm trying my hand. I want to get a few more things to put in the corner. I'll share it's progress.
This is the opposite corner. We did this one last spring and you can see how much everything grew in just 1 year. The vine is wisteria and loses it's leaves in the winter, but it's starting to grow again. The Knock out roses are in full bloom and so easy to grow. Lambs Ears kind of went crazy. It's fun to see what happens to all the plants in a year. 
I know some of you are still in midst of yucky weather. I hope it clears up soon. We are off for a short vacation. See you next week!


  1. Looks wonderful. I never had luck with Lambs Ears :( Too bad because they are so neat.

  2. Your yard is so nice and tidy and healthy looking. I'm anxious for our brown drab winter to finally end. Enjoy your mini vacation!

  3. Thanks for sharing the graphics! Your yard looks great! chris

  4. Leslie,
    The yard is coming along nicely...I myself have a black thumb...but my knock out roses are doing nicely too...they must be very hardy...i saw the pretty new zip bags in your etsy shop...very pretty...I told you I'm learning how to crochet and use the one you made for me to store my hooks...everyone who sees it comments on how pretty it is...I send them your way. have a nice vacation...hugs Patti M :)

  5. Sweet cards you found!! They are always so fun to find! Have a wonderful vacation! xo Heather

  6. Love the cute little vintage cards and your yard is looking beautiful! Have fun on vacation....:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  7. I love your little corner you did last year. I think I could even handle that. :) Not much of a gardener either. And I am past due getting out there and tackling those weeds.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing those cute cards. Your corners look great. It will fun to sit outside and watch everything grow.

  9. I love how soft the lambs ears are. Such a wonderful little plant! Don't you just love the illustrations on the old cards?

  10. Great job on your corners and love the sweet cards! Have a wonderful time on your getaway!! :)

  11. Cute cards. Have fun on your trip!

    xo Danielle

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  13. The cards are adorable! I hope you're having fun...can't wait to hear where you've been! Hugs!

  14. Hi Leslie!
    Such sweet cards, adore the doggies. :)
    Wishing you lots of fun with your garden! Your plants on the opposite side look lovely with their year of growth. (and I'm reminded I still need to make some toadstools! So cute!) I always get frustrated with how long it takes for plants to mature but then the next thing you know, they're ginormous! We're having our gardener cut everything back this weekend, our patio has just about disappeared underneath it all.
    Happy weekend to you xo

  15. Love the cards! That corner garden is wonderful! Have fun on your trip!

  16. Hi Leslie!
    I just reread your post - sorry, my old brain didn't register you were taking a mini vacation ARGH! Hope you had lots and lots of fun! Perhaps you're recuperating (spelling? that doesn't look right?!) now from all your fun ;)
    I seem to be pooping out on blogging - I can't keep up with it all, posting, commenting - I've lost three followers in the past few months, don't know whether it's because I'm the boring-est person EVAH! or I've offended them somehow. Oh well. Such is life.
    Hope this finds you well and happy and I look forward to seeing any thrifty doodads you picked up on your vacation :)