Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trim it Up!

I'm still organizing and cleaning. I have used this crate in my craft room for lots of things. I decided to redo it to hold all of my trims.
 I measured and cut little wood slats and hot glued them to the sides. That way I can always change my mind.
 I used cereal box cardboard to wind the trims. Some of them have the original cardboard.
 I organized them by color, and kept the fancy trims separate.Trims and rick rack are so pretty to look at!
 Now I can see them all at one glance and pull the ones I need. I had to redo them, because I've gotten alot of trims from my Aunt and couldn't fit them in my box any more. It's like a little library shelf full of trims.
Here's my finished embroidery. I decided to to frame it in a hoop.

Embroidery pattern purchased from this wonderful website.Sarah Jane has the cutest projects and fabric.
Now this little corner is done.

I can check that off my list. We're holding off on the garden corner until next weekend. We're supposed to get some big storms over the next day or two. Hope you are having some nice spring weather. Enjoy!


  1. Such pretty trims all organized together. It's almost like artwork. Love your latest embroidery project. I still keep hoping for signs of spring in our area of the world. Rumor has it snow is reappearing Thursday night into Friday. ugh.

  2. What a great idea for organizing your trims! I have mine all in clear containers but it is still can't find things when I need them. That little embroidery hoop is sweet ..I love the saying :)

  3. Another great idea!! How fun to look at all the colors of your trims! Love this! chris

  4. What a wonderful idea!! It looks extra cute with all of those adorable trims. I love those embroidery patterns too!

  5. Love it!! So creative!! Your embroidery is beautiful!! Looks so sweet in that corner! ;) xo Heather

  6. That is a very cute way to display all your trims. And the hoop embroidery hoop is very sweet. The whole corner turned out wonderfully! Please come and help me redo my room! (well, half a room.)

  7. That embroidered piece is precious! And...I love the crate for storage of your trims! So practical and pretty...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  8. Your embroidery is adorable. I like the trim stored in the crate. It looks cute too.

    xo Danielle

  9. ahhh, your little corner looks fabulous. I love the embroidery....and the crate is wonderful.
    Thanks for coming by...my blister is much better. The swelling has subsided and the pressure is finally gone...thanks for asking.
    xoxo bj

  10. Very organized! Sweet little saying you embroidered!
    Would you email me your chalk paint recipe? thanks! I've wanted to make mine own!

  11. Your little storage box is adorable and so very functional.
    I love it.

  12. You've got a wonderful craft room and your newest addition is perfect! Your embroidery piece is adorable. I finally finished the embroidering the top of one of my redwork pillowcases and hope to get it stitched together so I can start on its mate. Summer is coming (I hope) and I know I won't be spending too much time indoors when that happens. You've got quite a collection of trims!

  13. A great idea for the pop crate! I have eyed the old wooden soda boxes at antique stores but sadly, they are 18.00 or a piece so I haven't gotten one yet. What a beautiful display, now to use some of it, eh?

  14. What a great idea. Love your embroidery.

  15. Oh this is the cutest trim display! Awesome! I had about 20 coke crates and gave them away....whaaaaaaaaaa! So clever!