Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Pink Gingham Apron

I’m participating in Cindy’s (Rick Rack and Gingham) Travelling Pink Apron Story. You can link on to these blogs:
Kelly at Chick'NCharge
Maryjane at Beehive Cottage
Cindy at Rick Rack and Gingham
to read some wonderful stories about this pretty pink apron. This was really fun to do-it forced me to use my imagination. Thanks Cindy!

Feb.15, 2010,

Dear Journal,

We had a nice Valentines Day yesterday. Mom made her special Double Chocolate cake and Grandma Bundy was in town. Her birthday was a week ago so we celebrated that and Valentines Day together. She was 82 years young (she always says). She does seem young at heart. She even likes to watch American Idol! I got to ask her some of the geneology questions I had prepared. ,She was able to fill me in on a few things I didn’t know. Grandma,Aunt Ruth, Aunt Hazel and Uncle Herschal lived on a farm in Sullivan.. She even had an address so that when I go to Southern Illinois, I’ll be able to drive by one of the houses that she lived in. Anyway, it was a nice get together.

March 4, 2010

Dear Journal,

I’ve been on the computer for 2 weeks non stop on Geneology.com and have done all kinds of research. Found Grandma Bundys birth certificate and an article about her Dad’s death in a Sullivan newspaper. I called her to let her know and she started telling me about life when she first got married to Grandpa. They lived in Sullivan and it was a small town. He worked on a farm and she stayed home. She told me of all the Sunday dinners, visits from her sisters and about my Mom when she was a little girl on the farm.. I think I’ll even make some kind of scrapbook to put all of this together. I love that era in history-about 1948. Pretty interesting stuff!

April 4, 2010

Dear Journal,

I got a package in the mail today from Grandma Bundy. Inside was an old cookbook, some old kitchen utensils and a pretty pink gingham apron. She had a little note inside and this is what it said:

Dear Abbey,

I thought you might like this cookbook-I’ve had it since your Grandpa and I were first married in 1948. There’s a lot of notes written in the margin-if it has a sad face-don’t make it! Must have been that your Grandpa didn’t like it. I was going to sell the old utensils at a garage sale but thought I’d send them to you. I know you collect old stuff, so maybe you can find some use for them. The pink apron was given to me by your Great Grandma Martin as a birthday gift to me when I first got married. Hope your doing well,

Love, Grandma

I love the stuff she sent. I’ll add the utensils to my collection. I can’t wait to use the cookbook. The apron will go in a shadowbox frame in my pink craftroom.April 14.2010

Dear Journal,

After going through the old pictures and slides that Mom dug out of the basement, I found the most wonderful surprise. There was an old black and white photo of Grandma Bundy standing outside this old house with my Mom when she was a baby and Grandma was wearing the gingham apron! I know it was the same apron, because it had little swirl designs on it. I will frame the picture and hang it next to the shadowbox. I can’t wait to call Grandma and tell her!

Story written by me. I thought I'd better post this, because it is graduation week and I've got visitors coming in tomorrow and Friday. Hope you all enjoyed the travelling apron series. It's been to Texas, Florida, California and back to Texas. Have a wonderful week.



  1. Yeah Leslie...I love your more modern take on the apron..yet pulling in the past...And the pictures were precious! Thank you so much for doing this. Thank You..Thank you..Thank you!!!

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. LOVE it! The pics were beautiful too! Wasn't this so much fun?! Wonderful journaling, btw!

  3. That pink apron is adorable and so is that doggie! Love the pink and white quilt, too! So special that you have a picture of your grandmother wearing the apron. I wanted to say thank you for visiting Sarit's blog. I really appreciated you doing that! Have a wonderful day! Twyla

  4. Hi Leslie,

    Wonderful job on your journal story and the Pink Gingham Apron! I love how you tied it all together at the end! This little apron of Cindy's sure came alive in all those who participated in this apron journey! Wonderful experience for all!

    Love your sweet doggy and Happy Graduation week!


  5. Hi Leslie!
    Wishing you a wonderful time visiting and catching up with your company!
    I'm such a noodle head ... I'm a little confused about this charming pink apron and it's saga ... I couldn't find the beginnings of it on Cindy's blog. Probably my rotten eyeballs and old brain. A lethal combination. Perhaps you could direct me to where it all began after you've recouped from your house guests. It looks like fun! You did a wonderful job, I can't write to save my life.
    Have a lovely week and I hope your son has a terrific time at his graduation and on Grad Night!

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