Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Red Thrifty Finds

Today for Rednesday I wanted to show you some of my thrifted findsthat I got this week and last week. Above is a cute wind up toy that works. Definitely my colors.
This little ceramic tomato is really cute. It's missing a little spoon, but I'll find something to replace it.
I saw this at an antique store and loved the vintage looking bluebirds. I'm so glad I didn't buy it , because there was one at my favorite thrift store. See the little red flowers?
I've been meaning to show you this quilt. I looked for a few years to find an affordable red and white quilt-no luck. So I got out the old sewing machine and made my own. I just hung it in the newly painted family room above the couch. I won't show you the couch-cuz it looks really bad. I'm working on that issue.
Last is a tablescape that I made up using my vintage plates. I will be joining a Tablescape party tomorrow for the first time. More about this later. Join Sue at It's a Very Cherry World to see more Reds. Thanks for joining me. Happy Rednesday!


  1. Your quilt is just amazing! I'm so impressed. The little bluebird tray is too sweet.
    Happy Rednesday

  2. Your little toy is adorable-enjoy! I look forward to the tablescape!

  3. Your thrifty finds are so cute. I think the little blue birds are becoming more and more popular. LOVE the quilt!

  4. Leslie..I know that was a hard quilt too do!! It is awesome!!Great Job girl. I will one like it for my Christmas present...whatt..you didn't draw my name..come on..lol

    All kidding aside..love it!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. oooh...I love all these pretty vintage items! The linens are awesome! That blue bird dish is so cute!!

  6. I love anything with a bluebird on it! And you did a great job on the quilt. Love red and white quilts, too!

  7. Hi Leslie!
    Happy Rednesday, loving all of your reds! But especially your quilt. My gosh, it is FABULOUS! You must be so thrilled with it, you did a wonderful job.
    Happy Wednesday,

  8. Love that wind up toy and the quilt is just beautiful. You did a really great job. I could never do something like that. Blessings, Vicky

  9. I admire you for making the quilt you really wanted!

    I like the little tomato. I have one like it too.

  10. Hi Leslie! That quilt is wonderful...LOl...you've got more patience than I. I can embroider for days, but a quilt,nope.
    Love that tablescape. Are doing Tablescape Thursday over at Between Naps on the Porch?

  11. Leslie, I almost couldn't comment - your light blue color is so light it took me a long while to find the link! Maybe you could make it a wee bit darker? Thanks!

    That wind-up toy is awesome - hope you got it for a good price. And I'm glad you didn't buy that bluebird tray at the antique store - it's a beauty!

    Your place setting is totally the best! The glass plates and drink glasses should be in my kitchen, too, lol! I'll have to start looking for them!

  12. Leslie~Your reds really put a smile on my face this morning! Your finds are great and I'm so glad that you waited on this dish from the antique store. :)
    Your table setting is so pretty and sweet looking.
    The Tattered Tassel

  13. You better join that tablescape party! I absolutely love the setting, especially those plates and the pitcher!
    That quilt is gorgeous! And I'm sure it's destined to be a family heirloom. It's like a work of art hanging on the wall!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy 4th!

  14. Wow your quilt is pretty. I really do like to make my own too but I haven't seen one who is doing it here in my family. Happy Wednesday!

    RT~Fiesta Hollyhock

  15. Wow--this is all SOOO pretty!!!! I LOVE all the red!!!

  16. I always enjoy coming here to visit you..it does my heart good each time. Just checked out the new kitchen re do also..WOW..loving it!

  17. How can you not be happy when you see all this beautiful red stuff??!! My favorite may have been the simple Ball jar with the red cherries inside. Following along now thru a great REDnesday. :) Pam @ Sallygoodin

  18. Hi Leslie!
    I'm trying to get inspired for my Fourth of July cards (yeah right! teehee!) and I came across a link to this ... Vintage 4th of July Blog Party ... thought you might enjoy it if you haven't already heard of it.


    Happy 4th of July!

  19. Love your reds! What a fun place to come. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Sweet, sweet red finds .... but the BEST is your quilt. I bow down to you, in awe! It's gorgeous!!!


  21. I love all your thrifty finds ! The quilt looks marvelous & your Table scape is so happy & bright!